Grinding required?

I have nothing against grinding in an MMO, but it seems to be a bit excessive here. I’m currently lv8 and finished up the last of the Highsteppe quests. I’m currently enroute to Guild City and I am getting DESTROYED. The wolves, spirits, deer, everything is red. I can kill one enemy, but it takes almost all of my health and there’s a lot of waiting on recovery. The quests between the two cities are also pretty hard. I tried to escort the cart and it was overrun with red difficulty wolves before it got 10 feet away. I pulled one off and by the time I could burst it down, the cart was destroyed with the other 4 wolves attacking it.

Am I supposed to hang around the first town and grind until I hit a higher level? Did I miss a large chunk of quests? I can kill anything around here with ease, it’s only once I start heading to the next town that the difficulty sets in.

Have you been upgrading your gear? Even though the guns / armor looks and are named the same as what you start with, you need to look at the specific stats of each drop to determine if they are upgrades.

Yes, I’ve been using whatever better gear I’ve found. Though I think all I have are gloves, chest, shoulders and cape. I haven’t found anything for the other slots yet.

I don’t know how difficult it’d be for other classes, but I went to guild city as a lvl 7 musketeer and did perfectly fine. It’s not a faceroll type of game, mind you, but it was easy as long as I did 1 enemy at a time. The cart quest is hard without other people around to help though.


I’m a ranger and unfortunately have no kind of damage reduction or heal. So I wind up getting hurt quite a bit. Everything just seems to hit me like a truck and I can’t do near enough damage. Maybe I have to grind out some gear and get lucky with drops.

What is the damage rating on your bow? Should be between 25-39 if you’ve been upgrading from drops. All those mobs should be yellow diamond to green for you at level 8.

Woah, I’m way off base. I’m level 5, not level 8. Sorry, haven’t logged on in a few days. Not sure why I thought 8. Anyways, my bow is 25 attack. The only non Wenderwood quest I have is for 5 Green Bellied Bass, which I have 4/5. My other quests are Noahs Ark Wenderwood, Wenderwood Woes and Whiskey Trader. I can’t find a single other quest anywhere around Highsteppe. I feel like I should be much higher leveled after doing it all.

What’s your IGN? If you want we can meet up later, I’ll check out how you’re playing and help however I can. I’m Cowboy

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Looks like you havent done the main story quests, once you complete the tutorial Guardian Bart will send you to see Chef Lethrow (in the house with the twin chimneys in highsteppe). He will set you on the path and have a few quests for you that you should be able to steamroll at your current level, then it will take you to guild city where you will be the right level for questing and should take you to about lvl 14-15 when doing the main story quests and some grinding.

The fishing quests will only level fishing, not ranger.

What special arrows are you using? If you aren’t already, try leading off with a charged poison arrow and then immediately shoot the piercing arrow, then spam until it’s dead. I was able to get to Wenderwood with that strategy at around level 5 I think, though some of the quests like the cart definitely took a group of 3+.

Robert: Oh no, I completed those. I did the festival, watched the cutscene, Bart gave me the cape, I got the airship ticket and told me to head to Guild City. That, and all of the various side quests I found only got me to level 5. I did the Noah’s Ark quest. Two quests to make potions, one to kill ghosts, two to kill the rabbit guys at the farm, all of the fishing quests, all of the Runemage quests, and I think one or two others I can’t remember. If that was supposed to get me to level 14 or 15, I clearly glitched out and there is a huge issue. I’ve only played Ranger and maybe 10min as a Musketeer. All of my EXP went to Ranger.

Pontifi: I use Piercing and Poison. I usually lead off with a charged Piercings and then spam until dead if weak, or hit them with Poison next and spam inbetween charged Piercings. I don’t think my combat strategy is off, I just feel way too weak.

Edit: The sign heading to Guild City said recommended level of 8 if I remember correctly. But I just barely hit 5 after doing everything in the starting area.

oh ok glad your doing the main story quests, and you are the right level where you are in the story. When i said 14-15 I meant after completing all the quests for the main story (your about 5 quests in right now) so still a ways to go, but you should be looking for Bishop Roma at University Island now to continue on.

Yeah, that’s the next step. He said I could take the Airship or walk there. I decided to walk, to gain more EXP and look for quests, but that’s the problem. Everything is red and too strong. Am I supposed to take the Airship and then come back to those when I hit the recommended level of 8? Will there be lower levels quests on University Island for level 5?

the unknown part of the game is the best part, all you have to do is explore and you’ll find out how to play

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It sounds like you went left towards Wenderwood instead of right towards Guild City at the fork.

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I didn’t do much grinding, just avoid the monsters while running between cities and questing. Kill them 1 at a time slowly when you need to, or group up. I think level 5-6 were the slowest for me, but it got faster after that. I think you’re on the low end for this area, but you have a lot of quests to do and it will get easier as you go, since you stay around here for a while

I have been exploring, that’s why I was confused. I’ve been to every area on the first map that I can. Besides the ones with the enemies that one shot me. I’ve found every quest, as far as I know.

Do you not cut through there? I was following my compass and it said it was in that direction. Am I supposed to go the other direction and then loop around or something? Maybe I should have just taken the Airship instead of walking haha.

Alright, I guess I’m doing alright then. I guess I’m supposed to be that weak at this point haha.

There isn’t a perfect line of quests, so you may need to grind to 6 or 7, I just killed stuff that was red and died a lot, while trying to do the quests. This definitely wasn’t the fastest way to go, just grinding easy things would have been faster, but I wanted to feel like I was working on a quest . The compass points straight to it, take a look at the map, you walk around a lake to get to the city. The airship made me sick so I avoided it