Guards killing players in New Kingsport

There are (at least) two Order Guards in New Kingsport that are wrecking all of the players as they come into town.

edit: Looks like two. Both leash back to the ramp up to the repair smith.

I think this is solved now (killed the guards) but they come from the weapons cart that spawns in near the ramp you are talking about. Once attacked (the cart) it spawns in the two guards that are protecting the cart. I need to do some additional work on the guards to prevent them from aggroing other players once the player that originally attacked the cart dies, but as a temp fix for now you should be able to kill the two guards that will attack you.

Well, you know, if you can actually kill them. :wink:

That is a good point they are level 9 I believe, but if it becomes a problem again before we get the patch out, just post here and i know a higher level player (or myself) will jump in and help out, Im sure its not a fun experience getting mowed down by the guys suppose to protect you ha

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