Guild city water works

wrong way… hahaha

ha, actually the guild members of the merchant guild that run Guild City had the fountain erected to show off their wealth and influence of the guild. So not only did they have the statues made of a rare mineral called Cryejil, they also demanded the fountains point outward, to signfy the never ending flow of Dram through the city. But being the shrewd merchants they are, they pump water out of the lake closet to Guild City to run the fountain, then the water runs through the sewer grates and underlying pipes back into the lake… or at least thats what i overheard some explorers saying last time i was in the city, so not positive could just be gossip


Elicryl! Is that canon!?

Also, have you heard any rumors about what those creatures are?

no rumors or anything like that have you?

ha sorry was on mobile and butchered name since I didnt have my cheat sheet in front of me, I fixed in post

Whew, ok, I’m familiar with this ore, crisis averted.

I have a theory…

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