Haaaaallllpppp pleeease void


Scott breaking mechanics INC is not responsible for any permanent trips to the void.

The in game character that is stuck is: Pherosis.

Can you describe what happened, and does it stay black like that after fully restarting the game client?

Yes she is stuck until a dev fixes it.

Scott has a keyboard atm, and can explain.

  • I and Pherosis started trading each other at the exact same time.
  • Her tradewindow was still visible
  • Mine closed (opened for like 1/10th of a second before auto closed)
  • I opened a new trade window with her.
  • She was still seeing the old trade window
  • I saw the new trade window with already the item ready to be traded
  • She accepted
  • I accepted
  • I became extremely over encumbered (because the trade was over max weight for my side, not her side as far as I know. So that is something we expected. Not abnormal)
  • She teleported further in the middle of the area between Cenn’s shop and the playerhouse (I think, didn’t see it happen. But I don’t think she was standing all the way over there…). Seen from my screen. I saw her looking around but not moving. (0,0 location in the world maybe?)
  • From her screen she was seeing that black screen from the photo.
  • Restarting the game and relogging makes that account still in that black screen. The alt account is fine.

Okay that’s very strange… we can try teleporting your character back to your player house, are you logged out right now?

Alt account is: Occlus, Stuck account is: Steam.

Yep, am logged out of the steam account.

You should be in your player house, try now.

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Yay!! It worked. Thank you @Mathieu_D!

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Same thing happened to me

I was walking to buy dye after logging on by the dye shop and bam

I get the feeling it’s an old game quest

Just had it happen to me on my alt. Character name is Nines, it happened when mage teleporting to Highsteppe after a battlegrounds match.

Nevermind, issue seems to have fixed itself