Handling trust issues

With reports of Fellowship chest thefts circulating, the discussion needs to take place on how to handle this.

As the fellowship chests have logs, evidence is available for what was taken and by who. Without consequences for this type of behaviour, there’s no real deterrent. This kind of thing can cause a lot of problems in communities and I know nobody wants to see Orbus turn in that direction.

Until a deterrent is in place, perhaps implementing trust levels for Fellowship Chest access would be appropriate. Right now (to my understanding) it is all or nothing, with members having no way to prove their trustworthiness, and fellowships having no way to find out if someone can be trusted before granting full access.

Having trust levels which limit the amount of items that can be removed per day would be an ideal way to manage this while not making new members feel they cannot contribute until they pass some sort of ambiguous point where the leadership decides to give them a chance.


I like this idea, some sort of system that regulates how many items being in place would be useful, rather then an all or none option

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I think it could be cool if some pages of the chest could be set to only be accessible by officers and owners

I know this will not pertain to as many guilds as I would hope but because of the long term commitment to get into Elysium over our about 1 year and a half of running with everyone having access to the chest we have only had 1 person abuse it. I very much like the idea of some pages that can not be touched because our chest already has a meme first page with previously full stacks of chairs and now checkboard of stacks of ruined potions and pet treats.
If there are some pages you can set to be only used by officers etc I would really like there to be 1 or 2 additional pages added to help with overflow from something like this potentially for larger guilds.

I’ve seen these issues in many games over the years, and often these type of problems are with disgruntled officers cleaning house on their way out.

I think these are all really good ideas, although a daily limit on withdrawals (except for the guild leader and those they designate) is probably the simplest overall solution. That way, if someone wants to make a big batch of potions, for example, the leader could give them full access to get those materials, then set them back to normal.