Haptic feedback on Oculus touch controller question


Because I had a faulty left touch controller, I recently activated 2 new touch controllers that I had spare from a bundle I purchase back on Father’s day. One thing I have noticed with these new controllers is that the haptic feedback is not as prominent as I remember with the older controllers from the beginning and I’ve gone through a few sets. Specifically when I noticed it was when I go to pet the pet / dragon. Is that something you dialed back on intensity and one of the latest updates? Or could it possibly be not dial back in the controllers just not vibrating with the correct intensity? Thanks in advanced Devs.you guys are awesome keep up the good work love this game love the community thank you for making this happen


Hey there, I don’t think we’ve changed anything recently about the haptics, maybe the new controllers are different?


Ok, I just wanted to check before I went through the whole process with them. I didn’t think so because I re-paired my older one that still work, although not the greatest in the left thumbstick tracking. 2 different pair have much stronger feedback. Thank you for the response. Looking forward to Reborn!!! Keep it up. You guys are awesome!!!


Thank you for the response…found out is wasn’t just this game with the touch controllers. I was all of them. Long story short, Oculus is sending me another set. But I hate to bother you again but I have another issue that I think you could be able to help me out with. about 7-8 months ago I had someone reset the chef for me because I first started playing when if first was released on Oculus, then I took like a 2 month break, and when I came back there were a few updates, and I was stuck on the tutorial with the chef, had completed what he asked and could not progress. I think Riley actually took care of it for me. I have a new issue with a side quest. I just turned in catch of the day 10 to the fisherman, he accepted is, gave me new shoulders and dram. He told me about a new fish to catch and I saw a “new journal page” notification on my compass. after talking to him, flipped through my book and there is no journal page. I can talk to time aging but the only response is haven’t completed the new quest yet and to com back when I do. That’s all I have/get at this point. You can check my stats, is there anything you can do on your end to help with this?

Thank you



I think that was the last quest. Do you have all armour pieces except for gloves? The last fishing quest is catch Flounder + Blimp fish. So if you done that one, you are done.


hmmm … but the Fisherman Tells you to go catch the King of Fish Named after the Mages … and tells us that he wont take it from us but he worded it like a quest and I too recieved journal updates without a Quest added … I assumed he wanted you to hunt down the MAGEstic Flounder (who has a crown on his head) If this is not a quest it was worded like it was one … if it is one , I am bugged too.

as for the controller … mine was doing that and it was caused by low batteries … popped new ones in and the vibrations got stronger.

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