Hard to find my way in highstep

Follow the path where the mayor is down there is the player house and critter capture. :slight_smile: but yeah I get lost every where in this game

Using a smal npc as a landmark is not a viable option

Would you guys like a map? :wink:

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We have maps in the journal

It makes sense to me that Highsteppe is more labyrinth-like since it’s practically the only civilization now. If it’s our headquarters, our center, our meeting/starting place, we’ll learn it like the back of our hand soon enough. However, I do like having more visual cues to make it easier to give verbal directions or associate a “landmark” with an area or path. We already have it a bit, such as “the ramp to go downstairs is by Darius, the humanoid/warg/wolf NPC.” My current description for player house is to “find Fellowship Court, leave it heading left toward Mayor Kaia, on to that guy at the booth, then follow that ally. When you see critter capture, house is opposite it to the right.” Aside from signs in game and compass indicators, I do like the idea of more visual cues to know at more of a distance which way is what. I tend to circle the tree a few times. I would especially like something to distinguish gate entrance/exits from inside Highsteppe, like the one with the guy feeding the birds is the exit that leads to the mouse trap dragon race. Technically now it’s the exit past Darius / beyond Darius and Mugon and the exit near the playhouse. So, aside from painting houses (although I think sunflower graffiti on a house would be great! We could keep the wooden looks and it appear that designs are painted on) below are landmark ideas I would like to see to go with the signs or intersections to be able to easily distinguish them.

  • The Twins game. “The player house is near the NPCs playing a board game. So is Critter Capture and the exit to the event.”
  • A little garden? Like a noticeable wooden trough with a single line (or few) of something growing. Could be whatever was growing in The Twin’s garden. “The makeshift garden is past/between Darius and Mugon. That exit leads to the mouse trap dragon race and the dummies”
  • Someone feeding a little gathering of hopping birds like the guy on the bench in old Guild City. “The fellowship can be created/upgraded at that booth where someone is feeding the birds.”
  • Chickens. Downstairs with the different paths away from the tree, one path could have chickens near the entrance, the other could have a fish market reminiscent of the one at Guild City, whether hanging like the catfish used to or the “shelf” that had a variety of fish sitting on it. Maybe both, one on either side of entrance. “Go down the path with the chickens on either side for the odds and ends vendor… go down the path with the fish display on either side for the dragon shop.” But then maybe a bit more, like “there’s torches on the walls outside the library” or just glancing from a distance down the hallway, you can see a few dragons outside the Sicilus area. (I LOVE that there are some inside, especially the visual of them flying around)
  • The band from Guild City! I hope they moved to Highsteppe and still perform somewhere! They could be cheering people at the dungeon entrance?
  • As for distinguishing buildings upstairs, I like that everything is wooden, but would love to see more banners and graffiti (yellow sunflowers, purple tulip design of old nightmare flowers, red tails, bluetails) to distinguish. “Critter capture is that place with sunflowers painted all over the wall / has the sunflower banner by the exit with the boardgame, near the playhouse. So from here (the big tree) head that way to Fellowship Court, turn right toward the guy feeding the birds, and down that ally with the seahorse house (frosted spit architecture), critter capture is on the left. It’ll be the one with sunflowers. Sign on the outside says critter capture.” Also, instead of a banner only being flat against a wall, I was thinking of a rod protecting out horizontally so that looking straight at a building we see wall designs but if we’re down the street we can see the banner sticking out, vs walking all the way down to see if the wall placard says what we thought

There are indeed maps in the journal, but they may not be the most helpful… Try this one and let me know if you still have issues (for overworld): Reborn Map

I like the idea of colors to help it be more navigable to new plaryers!! Kind of like Stormwind in Wow

While it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have some landmarks to help (as long as they keep with the style of the game), I don’t have any problems getting around and I’ve only had the game like 4 days now. There’s only like 12 or so points of interest and it’s basically 1 big loop round.

Outside of the town though, I don’t have the slightest clue. I basically know traders road and I can make my way to the graveyard (kingsway? - something like that) where there is a lake for fishing. I’ve tried to explore more but as I was like level 9 last I went exploring, I constantly found myself back at a graveyard very quickly.

I’d love to have a marker on the map showing your current position. We are all capable of magic by simply grabbing a wand and knowing the right way to wave it, it wouldn’t be lore breaking to have a little pin on the map when you look at your journal saying where you are. Players could then get to where they wanted to go using their current position on the map and the compass to keep traveling in the correct direction

Has this whole thing become you plugging your map @AcaviGER? :joy: On a serious note, I really do like the map and it’s quite helpful if you are looking for a fish, recourse or anything else.

well after a while i kinda got used to the new HS, but still so much confusing for new players

Why thank you. Sorry to plug the map periodically… Just trying to make sure it reaches anyone who has not yet seen it.

Also, not AcaviGER. I’m Atropos

Oh, I must have hit the wrong one, sorry…

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One letter in, eh? :wink:

C’mon, there are only 2 people in the thread that start with “a”! Besides Airis, but she is everywhere…


It became better with the pathway by the player house, but it is still quite flawed.
The tree roundabout has unmarked curved pathways leading from it. The standard way is strait paths out from a circle, making roads possible to defend with a single siege weapons, making the monument easy to see from any spot and making it a more enjoyable overview.

Angled walkways from a circle Center is a trick you do when designing a hedge maze in order to make people loose there direction or see where they are going.


So the theory is that they made it confusing on purpose to make Highsteppe look bigger then it is? :joy:


I love the idea of a few painted houses. Even though we’re ‘rebuilding’, the world does have dyes so a little splash of paint should be doable by the citizens :slightly_smiling_face:


I do not think it require any changes.
In the current games we are too much helped, here it’s not the case and I think it’s so much better. This really allows us to look where we are going and to encourage exploration, where before we only followed a straight path.

I don’t want to be mean about this, but come on… There are some things that encourage exploration, but the social center and only town in the entire game should not be that area. I like to explore the overworld and stuff, but I do not need to have to “explore” the town in order to put dye away in my player house…

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