Havent played in a while


Hey gang, it’s been quite some time.

Whats going on in the world of Orbus?!?

Setting my sensors back up, any fun new things to do?


how long has it been since you played last? I’m assuming the scaled dungeons started after you left… so there is that.


I left after hardmode raid came out, and interesting…


Welcome back @Arc_Mako ,

you missed the first beta Weekend for Orbus Reborn.
We have weekly quests, scaled Dungeons, a cosmetic ingame shop, dungeon finder and mounts. Those were the most recent changes. You should inform yourself about Orbus Reborn here on the official website. Release announced for around Q1 2019.

Kind regards,

Edit: added some stuff


Beta Test 2 is coming up in 2 weeks time!


Sick, thanks all!

Cant wait to get back into it.


You’re killin me lol

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