Having different lvls to guild members

if you had the ability to put different lvls to your guild members and have it show up in parentheses under there guild name would be cool saying so and so (guild founder) or (guild master) then pleasing other names to other ranks in your guild (the hand) for the right hand man or even allow guild founders to place there own custom names in tho that can get confusing. but something to that affect. just to add ranking and order within guilds.

Definitely! I think that is a great idea as well :smile:

Well I am sure they have plans to flesh out the guild system.

  1. Guild membership tiers and titles (So you know whos the guild master, who are the leaders officers, who are members and who are recruits. Possibly even more tiers for members).
  2. More customization for guild halls including reorganization of furniture, rooms for people, portal stones for easy portaling, guild shop, other amenities.
  3. Better management system for fellowship groups, raiding, all that jazz, including removing unknown players from your party, and more.
  4. More custom cloak and armor skins, guild symbols and patches, crests and other regalia.

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