Head start timeline

As per Orbisinfobot in discord and the Wiki:
Head Start begins December 13th at 12 PM CST and lasts for 24 hours
Early Access begins December 15th at 12 PM CST

So Dec 13 + 24 hours, means the game will be unavailable from Dec 14, 12pm until Ea begins? Am I reading this wrong?

Its probably a planned maintenance time that they have in case something needs fixed?

That is correct, the game will be up for the head-start from December 13th at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time, until December 14th at 12 PM (Noon). Then it will be down for 24 hours, then back up again on December 15th at 12 PM (Noon) for the official start of Early Access.

We’re having to do it that way because we can’t use the Steam and Oculus store to do the head start (without just turning on sales for everyone). So we will do the head start with our current setup/Launcher, and then take it down for 24 hours so we can get everything moved over to using Steam and Oculus, and then on the 15th we’ll be using that system going forward. It’s not ideal but that’s how we have to do it.

Sales on the main website will cease when the Beta ends on December 8th, and you have to buy the game before that to get the head start. So basically we will be heavily advertising the December 15th date externally as for most people (who would be new and coming to the game for the first time) that is when they can actually start playing.

I will make a blog post with more info on all this including how to claim your Steam/Oculus key later this week.


Sounds great, just thought I was misunderstanding something :slight_smile:
Thanks for the confirmation, can’t wait for Head Start/Early Access :smiley:

24-hours of VR O.o I will put 911 on speed dial :stuck_out_tongue:

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