Healing Abilities and Talents



Healing Abilities and Talents

Is there a reason that a musketeer is able to heal others out of a party? I was thinking of this last night after playing pvp and realized that while in pvp mode my healing orbs would not help players not in my group. I get why it is this way for pvp, but why is it not this way all the time? Wouldn’t limiting healing to players only in your group, with or without pvp on, encourage forming parties? If you are going to solo everything then it does not matter as you are only healing yourself, but if you are in a group would it not make sense to create a party to receive the benefits? One of these benefits besides xp boost and protection is the ability to receive heals. Not that I am complaining with how it is currently set, but in other mmo’s are healers able to heal anyone or just those in their party? It is not like one couldn’t send a party invite if they see someone in trouble, especially with groups of ten being available.

Should talents be awarded just by reaching specific levels or should you be sent on a quest to recieve points to upgrade talents? It is not that talents hinder a characters ability to get from level A to level B, it is that they enhance the gameplay giving people more flexibility to accomplish tasks quicker. Any character can be leveled by switching characters and turning in quests, meaning that they may not actually know how to play the class very well. Since the dev team is going in a different route with non-story based linear questing so that people are able to level easier, would maybe doing questing for talent points be something to consider?

  1. Each talent can be earned between levels (5-10) (11-15) etc. As the talents do not keep you from leveling or playing your class it does not matter (at least in my opinion) when you receive the talent.
  2. This would allow for showcasing ones skill for each class and give options on how one wishes to play their class.
  3. It could be similar to how you do the quest for the wand, but since all classes are available at the start, this option would allow a story to be developed on how the classes or talents might have been developed to fight for Patreayl.
  4. This could be another good way to gain a good deal of xp.
  5. This could also be used as a way to lead classes to competition areas like, the mage tourney or a shooting range. Maybe even as simple as hitting a dummy with combos or skills.


Love the talent idea :smiley:

On the subject pf heals though.
I have always found it a nice surprise to recieve a random heal when in need from a muskie passing through and observing my peril.
Restricting heals to party only would disallow theese types of kind acts from random strangers going about their own bussines :slight_smile:


Going to disagree that healing should only be available to group members. Doesn’t really make any sense. Would also make showing up to a world event randomly and getting any healing done frustrating at best.


No, because often there’s no time or reason for that. You might be on your way to a dungeon already being in a party, see a new player in trouble and can heal him, that wouldn’t be possible after that. Or you just need 1 specific mob like the witch and there is already one fighting it, so you heal him up and do the rest quickly together.
All the new world events are also not done in parties, but by a group of randoms, often arriving at the place during or shortly before the fight. It would be a big fuzz if you’d need to party up all the time for this.

It is odd enough that pvp players are now excluded from pve heals, so if they want heal they need to search others with pvp on, but there’s no way around that I guess.

On the talents I agree, it was a long leveling path to finally get my talents back, wished I could target that point more directly.


If they set it so that while you’re in “safe” zones, those effects are temporarily suspended, that would work.


I would agree to this if it wasn’t for the fact that with the events (as I currently see them) there is no guarantee anyone is playing a healing class. Usually I only see one and they don’t even pay attention to healing others. Most seem to play a DPS class and finish the event without any trouble. Of course this could change when things are better leveled, but with the scaling being done I am not sure if it will matter. If you were making this statement in regards to world bosses I would agree, but as it is currently set in the beta I just do not see it. Even with current world bosses someone has to organize the group and make sure everyone knows who was a healer, tank, and dps.

I think the way it is setup is that as long as you are in a group, whether pvp is turned on or not, then you are able to receive heals from any member of your group. Since we can now form groups of ten, adding a 6th or 7th player to party just to help them seems doable just not ideal in some cases.

I agree it might be frustrating at first because we are currently accustomed to the current configuration, but this could also be a way of forcing people to be better organized instead of randomly showing up and hitting the boss. It is not to say that you have to be in a group as it would either require an individual to not get hit (unlikely) or play a class that has some self healing abilities.

I guess I am just asking if this slight tweek makes the game more strategic? As a warrior I do not go out to level and hope a random person can come heal if I get in trouble, I tend to level in places where I don’t have to depend on a healer. If I want to go to higher levels, I try to find people to make a party. I agree it is nice to randomly heal someone, but I do not think that by taking it away it would hinder game play. It might make the game better by making it more calculated with how one ability can be used or not used.

A good player does not just heal randomly, they watch the group and heal at specific times. This can sometimes be over looked when everyone wants to play the healing class because it is the “easiest” and anyone can receive heals. I think with the addition of the bard and its healing abilities this could be a way of giving the two healing classes more flavor.


I think you are really misunderstanding some systems here.

When world pvp is off I don’t see how forcing you to accept a party invite is “strategic” if you want to receive heals. This is especially true with big groups for world events, since 6+ person groups do not get loot or xp, so having everyone there group up would actually be detrimental.

When world pvp is on healing needs to be limited to only other pvp players in your party for a couple major reasons.

  1. If it wasn’t limited to party you would also be healing the player you are trying to fight.
  2. If a pve player was allowed to heal a pvp player, a pve healer can follow around a pvp player and provide them with heals while they fight other players. Since the healer is not in pvp mode, the opposing player(s) could do nothing to stop these heals.


I understand why pvp is set to not allow healing for your enemies. That is not the “system” that I am currently questioning. I am most likely not making my argument very easy to understand and I apologize. In my previous post’s I mention pvp because that opened my eyes to how healing has been open to anyone at anytime.

Currently 6+ groups would be detrimental in terms of xp or loot, but does it have to remain that way? I kind of understand why it had those restrictions in Orbus when the raids were released, but will those same reasons apply in Reborn. Are 5 man dungeons the only flaw in the previous statement? Am I correct in thinking that groups were limited to 5, except for the raid content, because of how the wilds were setup?

What I mean by strategy is that I have a carefully planned advantage. I am not saying anyone has to be forced into accepting anything, but I do view it as being strategic if you are not able to guarantee you will receive heals. If my character goes somewhere dangerous without knowing I can guarantee I will be helped, I do not personally see how it is not strategic. I also do not see how it may not be beneficial to the game to encourage forming parties. Other than throwing out a healing orb, if I heal with a cure or renew my character enters combat. Although I am “helping”, in which no one usually complains, I am also “sharing” xp if that person is trying to level. I tend to think of healing someone differently than if I was to keep killing monsters engaged by someone else, but is it really any different.


I played EQ and EQ2 for fourteen years. In EQ it was possible for healers to heal out of group and for enchanters to cast buffs out of group. I seriously doubt that doing so discouraged grouping, in fact, I think it made for a much more congenial game. When I had no group to join, my enchanter would sit in the square casting AoE buffs that lasted for an hour or more of playing time. Doing so allowed her to become well known as a friendly, helpful player. As a result she usually found a group quickly after casting a few buffs in the town square.

Then came EQ2 where healing and buffing were confined to group and raid members. I considered the change to be very negative. Making that change reduced the congeniality of the game, IMHO.

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