Hello everyone. I'm new!

Hello everyone! I just bought the game and got it installed. I have Christmas break starting tomorrow. I’ve read many reviews and I believe that this is the game that I’ve been looking for. I can’t wait to meet everyone on go on quests to get ready for raids. Have a great day and see you all later!


Hi! Welcome to Orbus. It’s pretty amazing!
P.S. Runemage is best class.

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Great! That is exactly what I was going to play. I have been a mage in every mmorpg that I’ve ever played. I look forward to playing!

I apologize, but I haven’t found a way to change my forum name. Is that possible?

First off, welcome and thanks for purchasing the game! I hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing about your experience.

A word of caution on runemage, it is not an easy class to just pick up and play. Learning the rune drawing system takes a good amount of time and practice. Just wanted you to know going into it :slight_smile:

https://orbusvr.com/account You can change your display name there.

You may also be interested in joining the community discord located here: https://discord.me/orbusvr


Thank you! I will definitely be active in the forums. I like that the class takes practice. I like classes that aren’t brain dead and enjoy hard raiding/dungeon content. Thank you for answering my question. You guys seem great at communication. If there is anything that I can do to assist other than give feedback, please let me know. I will do anything that I can to contribute to the success of this game!


Aww man I was about to help some one before one of the actual Devs did! Nuuuuuuuu.

Runemage is one of the most rewarding I think. You become a better mage by practicing and physically getting better at being a mage.


Yea @Damage_Da_Mage beat you to it :laughing: I really like the badges by the way if you can’t tell. It’s another aspect that is a motivator to get people to post on the forums.

Welcome to Orbus! As an MMO gamer this is without a doubt the game we have been waiting for :).

The sense of community and discovery is just unmatched by anything in VR today. You’re going to love it!


I like the archer because I like being green arrow haha


welcome to the game…

if u like old school mmo and game without hand-held / spoon-fed, then this is your game.

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Thank you all for responding! Having Christmas with my family tonight because we are on break. After that, it’s gametime!!!

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This game is AMAZING. I can’t seem to get my microphone to work in game. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong? Thank you all!

I was just asked to rename my character because it was reported. Is my name offensive to you guys? I have this name in every game that I play. No one complained to me on the forums. I haven’t even spoken a word in game or said anything offensive to anyone. Is there a way that I can plead my to someone to keep my name? Thank you again!

If I haven’t had VR I’d buy it to play Orbus!
Check recording devices in windows, for me its usb audio device. Also in steamvr settings (again for me usb audio, I’m on vive)

As for name, personally it’s not offensive but rather immersion breaking (if I not mistaken there was a note about names when you creating character)

It’s from Lord of the Rings except with my first initial.

lol that’s bad luck. If they would make you to change name, you could take Baggins as last name at lvl 20

Is the VR headset microphone the only one enabled before hopping in? Tried unplugging and re-plugging? That’s the extent of my ability, so if those don’t take care of it, maybe make a separate post for the microphone issue.

The matter has been handled privately and we don’t want to comment publicly on moderator actions.

For your microphone issues, you’ve made sure that your Rift microphone is seen as default in Windows, right? (Should be under Sound in the control panel.) Besides that, does it work properly elsewhere?

That fixed it. Thank you! I apologize for any offense that I may have caused to anyone and didn’t mean anything by it.

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