Hello I'm MooMoo!~ ^,...,^ Will there be handicapped control options for disabled people?


Thankyou Haelmy ^,…,^

Not sure if this is being covered or not, tried search did not work , maybe a bug?

might as well post this to add as much coverage as possible

So… like what I mean is I have SLE, so standing is out of the question and by extension so is rotating my body to turn my character, I am on Oculus with Touch and will be seated, as such my question is Will I be able to turn smoothly via the joysticks on my touch controllers instead of snap turning, Personally I know alot of people who want to play this game and they do not like snap turning either, please please please, if it is not to much trouble please let us have fluid rotation as well as fluid forward and backward motion like left stick is rotation and right is moving or vice versa, this seems pretty critical o.o…

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@Donald_W according to this recent tweet smooth turning will be available.

yayness ^,…,^ thankyou for this information!

here is the tweet picture for those that want it ^,…,^

Let me know if you get into the next test and need further options…if it’s not a balance issue we’ll add it if we can. Thanks!