Help, can no longer play game

I left my house and my qhole screen went black after loading in, I can see the highlights of my hands when over the compass like im stuck in a wall, so the game is responsive but I cant do anything and walking around my guardian doesn’t help. After restarting the game and restarting my headset I now log into the same problem, and sometimes it will load in and I have nothing in my inventory and am level 1 but I can see my character standing still mirroring my movements. Then the game will boot me for timing out. I have been trying to play for half an hour and problem.will not resolve on multiple connections and after a full headset restart.

Edit: I can now log in right away but can interact with nothing and 90% of the players are blue orbs or stuck in 1 giant pile also there are multiple other players talking about the issue in the same spot outside the house.

Can you let me know what your character name is?
We’re working on some fixes soon for general server issues and are investigating these.
Thank you for reporting, and sorry for the frustration.

The problem resolved itself after about an hour and I was able to play normally for the rest of the night. Character name is lefthandedca

I had the same problem last night around the same time. Character name Watsy. It looks to be fixed this morning other than some gear I picked up in a dungeon before I started bugging out has disappeared.