HELP! Cannot get into the game

I have installed the game and can click the launch button
I can see the game (or something) pop up on my screen
I have steam vr set up and am in the steam vr home room
now what? cannot see any way to see the Orbus game, just the steam room


Have you tried right clicking on the game and running it as the administrator, I have had similar problems if I try to run it normally

I actually haven’t tested it with the new Steam Home yet. Try what James_L said first, and if that doesn’t work, you might try to go to your SteamVR Settings, and then disable the Steam Home Beta and see if that fixes it.

It’s this button only pick Settings not Run Room Setup

I can see my desktop from inside steam vr and can see the game window but no idea how to actually run it i just see some plants waving in the background of a bordered window

I have done room setup

Brilliant!! administrator did it <3 much love!!!

wait do i need to spend 30 bucks to play this game ? or is it free ?

Yes you need to pay. This is an alpha test and well worth it. You need to own the game to play.

yeah i know its worth it so wait will i need to pay when itl be released in december of 2017 oh and by the way i need to pay 30 or 50 bucks to play ?

There will be an Open Alpha Test which is free on July 28th. But right now are in the Closed Alpha which means you need an Epic Founder package to play.

If you buy the game now it is $30 for the base game, and that will allow you to play in December once it goes “live.” Yes you will need to have bought the game at that point.

wait youre one of the developers ?

Yep, I am indeed! Haha.

wow and youre chating with me. Awesome :slight_smile: ok so the free version will be on 28 of july right ?

Right, yeah. On July 28th - 30th there will be an Open Alpha where anyone can download the game and play it. After that we’ll enter Closed Beta until the game launches.

sweet and then if i want to play for 30 bucks i need to wait undil december

and if i start at jully and then play at december will my status be there or will it be deleated ?

You got it, yep. You can check all these options out on your account here: (click the Upgrade button).

Your status doesn’t carry over from the Alpha/Beta to the main game, no. You can reserve your name during the Closed Alpha/Closed Beta if you’re an Epic Founder or Founder, but nothing else carries over.

oh so i should start grinding in december ? right :slight_smile:

wow thanks for the help now i figured lots of things out and one last question will you play the game in december ?

Me personally? Haha sure I will! :slight_smile: