Help my msq is broken


i just did the chef 2 quest and i cant get the next quest to start up


Which NPC are you trying to speak to?


i duno i went to the forest to get the emblem and i still cant talk to the guard to talk tot he biship and theres nothing in the journal


Ok so you turned in the king stag meat to Chef Lethrow then he sent you to look for the red truffle in the forest and then you went to the forest and got the emblem which gave you a new quest called “Forest Secrets”, which tells you to get the emblem and give it to Roma, but first you must brine the guard before you can talk to Roma.

So you got the second chef quest then went to the forest but never got the forest secrets quest?


i dont recieve the quest forest secrets


what msq do you have in your journal, you can take screen shots pr just list them.


None told you it won’t give me the forest secret quest


So any idea ? How to fix it


I will have to look at you quest flags today, and see if I can fix it that way. Did you happen to harvest a red truffle early by chance?


Yes I did couldn’t even see it when I did friend pointed it out and it let me harvest it anyways


The infamous red truffle strikes again :joy:


Was that what caused me to bug and are you able to fix it before I get home


Okay I think we got it fixed, just go back to the Green lady forest and head towards the bandit camp, you should get a new quest called Forest Secrets, then grab the emblem and go talk to the guard and you will be good.


Ty have a good day :smile:


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