Help signs not turning off


I’ve noticed it before but I never bothered making a post/ reporting it but now that I remember:
The graphical setting;
Turn on/off Help signs is not working.
I have that stuff turned off but I still see every help sign. (Help sign by teleport pillar in fellowship court, the 'how to make a potion/fishing lure etc)

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Hmm and toggling it on and off doesn’t work for you? It should be instant. I can’t seem to get this issue to happen for me.


There are two different ones @Archive, one for boards one for general help


It is a bug.

Me recreating it; (The blackness in the middle is when I log out).


Sometimes the signs turn back on randomly for me and I hate it. Same with the tutorial images such as how to breed dragons that is on the walls of the house.


I have that since the Beta, not occassionally, but each and every time I log in all the huge tutorials on the walls of my player house move around me and make me crazy… vanishes when leaving the house and going back in, but still.


Wait, I thought the tutorials were supposed to always be on the wall, since they’re out of the way and nothing else goes there.

If they’re supposed to disappear, then I’ve had it since day one of my play.

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No they are not, there’s an option to turn them off and MOST of the time they are off when you check that option (for example, when entering the house or otherwise playing normally; I posted that bug in the beta already it was just never fixed).

And how people can even do any action like crafting in the house with all this blinkin’ mess bs around them goes above my head lol


Fixed itself for me after I turned it off on my alt as well as my main, before that it kept returning on my main.