Help - The Lost Amulet - Broken?

So I started The Lost Amulet today, and I followed my player journal to the library, after finding the book with the Greater Frost rune on it, I skimmed through it and noticed some letters are capitalized, I found that it reads,
I then looked all over the map for anything in reference to “CA”, after giving up I found out the “CA” isn’t supposed to be in there.
I found a post on these forums from March, and someone mentioned I need to go to
THEBASEMENT of the Player House
, I went there and there was nothing. Then someone mentioned that I needed to buy the potion from Darius for 1,000 Dram. I bought a few, drank one and went back to the book, nothing changed, then I went back to the BASEMENT and there was nothing there either. I think the mission is just broken and it’s really putting me off playing. Any advice? Also I’m broke now so no more potions. I also relogged several times.

Mmh you should be able to see a gem on top of the most left (lonely) shelf in your basement. But it only starts to show when you are standing very close to the shelf. That is why you missed it maybe? I think it was required to drink the potion to see it BUT I see it sometimes without the potion on. So wouldn’t be surprised if its acting up.

I looked everywhere, I was looking under all the shelves, sticking my head through the workbench thinking maybe it was behind the desk, and I even looked in the little crushing pot. It seems to have been wonky for people for a while. :frowning:

It should show the diamond on the shelf in your basement while on ithecac. What system do you play on?

I play on Vive, did it a few times and there was absolutely nothing down there, I’m all out of Dram now

Hi, I’ve sent you a PM with a possible solution. Check it out when you get a chance.