Help to unlink my account

I want to unlink my account from steam, I bought the game in beta and created my first account with my oculus rift, I have a second computer that runs a vive and I bought the game again on steam so that my family can play on the vive at the same time, when I bought the game I loged in with my first account and now there is no option to log out, I have tried uninstalling the game and deleting all of the folders that I can find but every time I install the game it just automaticly logs into my first account I have created this account but can not log into it in game to make a new character. My other account main character is Afalo.

Hey Rowin,

Okay, I unlinked your account from your Steam account. So what you’ll want to do is the next time you launch it on Steam, login to your other account.



Hi Riley!

Could you do the same for me?

I bought the game yesterday and LOVE IT. This is the next level of MMOs, reminds me when I first discovered text based MUDs before the internet and then when Diablo 1 and then WOW came out!! Awesome…

Anyway - I logged in using my son’s steam account but had problems playing multiplayer when he was playing multiplayer in different games so I created my own. Could you unlink so I can relink to my new steam account!

Thanks and keep up the great work.


Hey Brian,

Sure thing, that’s done. Thanks for the kind words on the game!

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