Help with spiralback snails?


So, I’ve been trying to figure out where and how I can catch any of these things. I’ve gone to the marked spot on the community map with various lures, but still no luck. I just want to be able to make some better healing potions, but having to just try countless different lure combinations at various fishing spots seems rather convoluted. Someone has a auction listing for 49 aged concentrated heals, so I know that they’re out there, I just gotta know where. Anyone mind sparing some info?


They are…


In Hulthine’s Basin (don’t think it matters much where you stand) and you likely should try to use only Blue Scales as a Lure.

And you can find all lures - at least the classic ones - in alot of guild chats I believe, this is not really closed-down info.


Blue scales are the primary ingredient. Feathers and eyes help.


Blue scales huh, that is probably what I was missing. Do they just drop from mobs/creatures in that area?


Yes these and eye worms drop there.


Awesome, thanks a bunch. Ill try this when I hop on


Wolves drop them at a decent rate.


You can find a lot of fishing info here:

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you can also find alost all fish locations on


Your info for Kylakin is wrong btw


Which info is wrong there so I know what to adjust on my map?


The lure combo isn’t Snake Bits, Fat Fly, Shiny Metal anymore, it changed since the beta test


So the locations are still good?


Yup as far as I’m aware

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Yeah we know, troy is busy