Helper Role or system

I’ve been thinking about how a helper system would work, and I think a might have found an almost failproof way to implement it.
I feel like having a way for new players to know/have a place they can ask more questions to level 30 players would keep less players from leaving bc they don’t understand the game mechanics or what to do.
Some suggestions I have that you could do are, creating a system for players who achieve a “helper” role to be marked after you collect the mushrooms for Randal (this can be done with a simple arrow marker or a symbol above a “helper”). You could also just give out a “helper” title to trust worthy level 30’s who are active in the community.
Some issue fixes I have for a “helper” system are:
a rating system where new players can rate the person they are being helped by, using either a overall 5 star rating system, or a rating on different criteria (this can include Friendliness, helpfulness, and a overall rating) and after 10 or 20 reviews, if the “helper” ever goes under a 3 star rating after that, their role will be revoked.

The helpers can have a on/off toggle for availability so they can have some alone time.

Helpers while available can be seen in a easily accessible menu that shows a persons overall rating out of 5 stars, the new player can then click a button saying “request help”. The helper requested will have a popup like receiving a message, and the new player could be tracked using a compass (or could just add them to a party and tell the helper the zone they are in)

A possible “helper” leaderboard could give the more competitive players a reason to help more often.

When helper and the new player requesting help join party they can only hear each other (kind of like the dungeon VC where you can hear your party outside the dungeon, or like the compass VC)

A que or “busy” indicator in the help menu and the overworld. This could be used so new players don’t always pick the perfect 5 star helpers to give the other helpers a chance. Or so players know the helper is busy doing something or helping someone else. This is to prevent helpers being crowded by 10 people at the same time all asking for help.

A “trial helper” position for people applying for helper. This role can be used for the first 10 - 20 reviews to help keep track of new and older helpers to make the moderation process easier (especially if this system is not automated)

You could give capes and vanity for players who hit major milestones like 500 reviews 1000 reviews or 100 5 star reviews and so on, to give players a reason to be helpful and motivate them.

A possible TP system where the helper can teleport to the new player, or TP the new player to the helper if the helper is in highsteppe and the new player agrees to the teleport.

If an email is connected to an account with more than 30 hours, that account can not create a review. This is to make sure people aren’t using alt accounts to boost a helpers rating.


Love the idea, the only issue i’ve had with some of the new players is they want me to do their kill missions or MSQ for them. I have no issue helping them with where to go, what to do, or giving them materials for certain turn in missions, but to say they want me to do their kill missions for them, even though they are able to do it solo is just lazy and not something that’s “help” worthy. but that’ just my two cents.


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I love this idea, but the rating system not so much. Too much moderation would be required to filter out fake ratings or people just giving one stars to helpers for not doing everything for them, or they’re too young to care. I agreed with a previous post on here that a helper role would be amazing, but again, don’t know how I fell about the rating system.


So way back when when the internet was young in a previous mmo the game masters of that world would sit in GM heaven and await a new player notification and one of the gods would reply and teleport to the mortal plane and welcome them to the world of rubika most people thought the greetings were bots but we would answer questions they might have in the tutorial zone before we teleported away.

This system could be piggybacked on green leaf requests help .

people in mentor que get a join player notification accepted like dungeon que.

They teleport to newbie and answer questions and can port back by desummoning at anytime like you leave dungeon.

It would probably be good to have like a 5 min countdown timer for the summoned high level so they dont get roped into an hr long help session every time.

If green leaf still has questions he may que again for help … anyone blocked/muted will not connect to one another , you get a token or something for completing a session that can be used on large quantities to gain something of status from a helper npc/vending machine…

Maybe the tokens can add an hr of durability to a wrist slot item or give an item 10 durability points on consume … that would be worth it.