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Hello my name is Dyelute. I am about to purchase OrbusVR (was going to hold off until Reborn comes out but I think i’m gonna try it early) but my primary concern is I tried reaching out to the developers to try and assist in some way in the development of the game.

I am not suggesting working on things that are primary and important that they are already working on but possibly a suggestion board or some models or artwork that I could submit to help the game grow and build some professional experience?

If one of the devs or a member of the community could reach out to me I’d love to know how I can help Orbus grow =). Thank you so much!!


I like what they are doing with pvp in reborn, however pve or pvm is missing one huge thing. Rare tradable highly valuable item drops from hard to kill mobs. In other mmorpg’s this is the biggest thing that keeps the games active. Some examples of how this could be implemented in Orbus would be something like this.

Musketeer- Tradable high dps orb

Ranger- Tradable exploding arrow

Runemage- Tradable spell Scroll unlocks greater affliction + arcane blast combined spell

Warrior- Tradable Dual Sword kit

This in my opinion would greatly increase player base.


I think you misunderstood what I was saying with my post but I will definitely see if I agree once I have had the game for a bit and played. This could be a good post for you to take to the bugs and feedback section?


I think playing the game and giving good constructive feedback is the way you could be most helpful to the game. As far as building professional experience ect, I’m sure you could apply to any official positions that open up as the game isn’t an open source type of situation.


they had a job listing for I think some one who could do coding, but one rule most devs have is if your a dev you are not allowed to play much of the game outside of testing orbus seems to be like that too, currently you can give suggestions and they may add them if they want to (they have done it before), they don’t seem to do user submitted content in terms of items models or things like that.


I was hoping with such a big game as it is they would consider stuff like that but thank you forr letting me know smoochie.


I will keep my eyes on their job posting board and maybe an opportunity will open up. Thank you for answering as well sparky =)

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