Hey, so a returning player was wondering if he could move his orbus account to another steam account


Hey! So i bought this game on my friends account some time ago, but the issue now is i didn’t realize it was bound to that account, now i want to move it off of his steam account to mine, or at least delete that account so i may re-use the email. Id still rather not have to re-grind and have to re-find a lot of the friends iv made.


that’s a steam thing, the devs can’t move steam games from one account to another even though it’s their game and steam also doesn’t allow games to be moved from one account to another, but if you buy the game again on your steam account you can log into the same orbus account on that one and you can also probably ask the devs to remove the link between your orbus account and your friends steam account.


You will need to re-buy the game, but message @Riley_D and he can seperate the game account from the steam account or move specific characters from one account to another.


@Arden_G I did both of those after getting a second vr headset. Got the account moved to a other steam user, then moved one character back to a newly created orbus account.
So just message @Riley_D nicely about it


Thanks for the heads up, i already re-bought it. @Asmund_T @Burnator thank you both for the help!


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