Hi there! Tried the game for a bit, and have suggestions!


So! Been excited and waiting to play this for a long while and for a VR title it seems like lots of fun and can’t wait to get into the nitty and gritty of the content :). BUT, there are a few QoL issues that as a base VR game should not be an issue, and while it doesn’t touch on the aspects of the game, it touches on the aspect as just attracting people as a good VR title.

  1. World Scaling and body placement should be Very important. My experience with interacting with items on my body is always clunking and very uncomfortable not to mention I see inside myself all the time. You get used to it, but most VR movements should flow, and not break immersion.

  2. There should be better movements to equip/unequip, or even load the bow. Like if I need a free hand, I have to always put my arrow back instead of just dropping it. I don’t mind redrawing the arrow, but a quick drop should definitely be a feature considering rest of the other items like compass, or harvester can just auto attach back to yourself. Considering you can only actively interact with the world/npcs with a free hand only.

  3. There should be a form of auto movement, or at least a better way to move while swinging like moving your controllers. Not many people are going to be able to use pads and swing controllers at the same time and it just feels clunky.


There actually is a auto movement. When sliding, press down your grip button, and let go. Auto slide activated.


instead of having to drop our weapon to pick up items, maybe they could just let us be like every other class in the game that just has a free hand…


Yeah i’ve suggested to just have the arrow “materialize” once we pulled on the string so we have a free hand but never got a response.


Thank you for letting me know this! Don’t know if I overlooking it or it wasn’t explained properly.


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