Hidden Quest - Spoiler Free Poll


Please keep this spoiler free so we can keep it open and not have it be taken down/removed to private message.

How did you enjoy the quest?

  • I loved it!
  • It was okay.
  • I was frustrated but got through it.
  • I hated it!

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How did you manage to finish it?

  • I did it entirely on my own / together with people who did not have any help
  • I managed with a few additional clues from the community or friends
  • I needed several clues or a few outright directions
  • I just followed directions

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Missing Persons

I was frustrated with it because I felt if I hadn’t already done many of the lore quests it would have been much easier to get started. By the time it actually tracked properly for me I had already completed a lot of the content that included certain npcs and locations. I’m not sure if I’d have enjoyed it more if it was working properly right out of the gate. I had a big WTF moment when I found one of the clues because I had already spoken to X multiple times before while on that quest step and it had never progressed the quest.

Edit: hopefully this is spoiler free enough


they it would be nice the clues and the npc was frase to the area we need to go


Even though I said it was frustrating, it was 100% fun to do for our group. Even though a lot of the steps were absurd. I like the absurdness though, the thing I did not like was the disconnect from any logic on how to find most of the steps.

I understand for everyone who got told what to do (after searching and finding nothing yourself) it was 100% lame. Which was to be honest not how the hidden quest is suppose to be experienced.


Yeah Logan you’re fine.

I thought the idea of having a logical treasure hunt with clues would be a cool idea, this did not seem this way. It seemed like a massive time-sink for those people who wanted to do something that was a massive time-sink, which is an okay thing to have.


For the record, I love a good puzzle game. I find great enjoyment from escape rooms and scavenger hunts.

What made me hate this quest is that only a couple clues followed any kind of logical progression, while some portions were without any clues at all. Add to that half of my group getting hung up because of glitches occurring when combined with other questlines.


So I feel like this was meant to be a nod to OG but it was far too disjointed. Like it was supposed to be similar to, but harder than the OG assassination quests where you were given a region but that was about it. Your target was moving so you never necessarily found “the right place”. But there wasn’t even that much of a clue. And the clues that were given were flat out misdirection in most cases. When my group was working on it we spent hours reading every single book available in Reborn and even looked up old stuff from OG and read through all of that trying to find some kind of lore reference that made sense, but none of it did. It was like a scavenger hunt where you had no idea what you were looking for or even remotely where it would be. That was beyond frustrating to me. It was nearly rage quit inducing.


I did not answer the 2nd poll because at this time I have not completed it. I do have suggestions, if there is interest from the dev team, I would be happy to share in a dm to avoid spoilers.


I do like the goal of what the dev team is trying to accomplish with the hidden quest, I think a few tweeks to the process could make this quest line super fun while remaining challenging.


Personally I only think the quest is ok because I had a bit of fun with the groups I worked on it with the quest itself was very annoying and frustrating but it was like many things, it was improved by the community’s existence


Ok messaged Riley, let’s see if he can help with the glitch


I haven’t done it but I get the impression it should be something like the same reason for doing an ‘escape room’… Clues lead to some reasonably linked explanation with some small abstraction and that is how you progress.

Imagine if you had a clue to find a whiskers and a tail and you actually had to pick up a rock behind a tree somewhere. Based on the responses I heard from people doing it, it sounds like that is how random it is (which makes no sense) as opposed to actual logical clues with loose relation.

On that note, I haven’t bothered doing it, because there is no ‘puzzle’ to it. It sounds as though it is just a random game of hide and seek… Which I enjoyed as a 10 year old but not really as an adult honestly.


In reference to the library… all I’ll say is that if it wasn’t for the insistence of a random player that something exists, I would have never gotten past that…


I gave up because everyone told me it really isn’t a puzzle and the clues don’t mean anything it’s just kinda all over the place. It was fun at first but I’m pretty sure mine isn’t tracking…

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I am at 3rd or 4th step following what others said and can’t see any logic in it so far… if there’s any clue at all it should lead to something but I don’t feel it is also some seems severly bugged out so nope, hate is actual not what matches my feeling, would rather have a confused-option or frustrating & didn’t finish. Guess I just keep following whatever others found.

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6 and 7 are very related to 5, even if i expected 7 to be in the position of 6… Might just be me missing some text to make it make sense.

Uh. Had to rewrite that to make it spoiler free…


It was definitely lots of fun, but it was very frustrating because I had no idea what I was looking for


I mean I. I just liked the story of it a bit the parts saying


look to the future not the past were a bit ify

but other than that it was a fun exploration quest, yes it needed more hints though

quest part spoiler

unless you are very bored who is going to think of using hammer through to find the quest bit

that being said if it wasn’t for having a grate guild helping me I don’t think I may have bothered picking it up. yes its nice to have a fun mount with a nice backstory but I like the wooden disk mount and it made me think that there are a lode of cosmetic things most of the orbus players haven’t seen ingame that can make orbus a lot more fun

hidden game parts and light rant "but not much of a rant"

like the 10-15 shield models hidden away. pleases give us them as transmogs or give us a less pain full quest based around the warrior to unlock them maybe one with better hints.

to be honest I would like more quests like this that have a happy story to them and can be alot of fun if you know where you need to go. but it needs more hints.


Ur analogy is good, but to make it better imagine u don’t know that u are looking for whiskers and a tail. In fact, u don’t even know if u are looking for a location, person, object, etc etc.


I couldnt answer 2nd question I’m still 3/7 and its frustrating lol I consider myself looking everywhere or so I thought but clearly I havent…I only found those first 3 cause of a friendly player…without him id prob nvr found the quest starter. I’m lost on it

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