High latency duct tape fix

I recently found out, when i get latency issues, staring at the ground for about 4-5 seconds should let the programming catch up. Have watched and rewatched recordings to confirm.

Have also done control tests in different environments.

Other things that helped me:

Keeping my inventory empty

Standing still before mechanics

Pausing when the issue is noticed until normal again

Clearing my mission log

Reducing toolbelt items pets and capes

Hope this helps someone.

Have a good day/night/evening.

Edit: I’ve noticed this happens more on native quest than pc, by a lot.

Edit: I’ve also noticed that Relogging is inconsistent, as in after so many reloading attempts I will log back in to the same instance I previously logged out of. the only guaranteed fixes I have found so far that work consistently are as follows:

I Quit the game to clear the programming cache, and the only time this doesn’t work is if the game has already put too much strain on my device.

This is only a hardware issue i am having for Quest 2.

For pc it seems to be a network issue though, So as long as I’m on my 5g mobile hotspot the issues are limited, due to the fact I run 50 - 100 mbps download and an equal amount of upload with relatively low latency most of the time.

I always check my latency by default anytime there are problems because I have lived in a lot of dead-zones, and checking my latency allows me to place my mobile hotspot in the best possible spot for the best service, in my house.

In case anyone is curious i use cloud-flare speed test on the internet, and I let it run for a minimum of 30 minutes, so that i can get the most accurate data.

Resetting my internet connection (turning it off, waiting 10 seconds, and turning it back on, to clear the network cache). Because the amount of packets I’m receiving is far higher than it should be, and only when i play orbus. I have tested on every other game I own, the amount of packets from Orbus physically cripples my network.

Power cycling my headset, by holding the power button on the headset down until the device shuts off and turns on again(too clear the device cache). Because Orbus is overclocking my headset and making it overheat, and if I leave orbus on in any form, including the logout screen, I have to reset my headset every-time to prevent it from overheating to an irreparable point.

Restarting the oculus client using the restart beta setting the in Oculus Rift S app settings, if I’m running on pc and I’m using Quest 2 Linked to my HP Omen, I run a Nvidia Geforce 1660 super.

On a side note, if I’m linked and having audio issues, closing the game, unplugging the link cable, plugging it back in and restarting the game seems to fix this a majority of the time, unless its something else that caused the problem, which as i found out recently is because you cant run two instances of discord at the same time or it bugs out the audio.

The only time it doesn’t work is when I’m on a hotspot. I’ve given up trying to make my hotspot work for voip because, i found out Tmobile does not allow most VoIP protocols to connect or pass through there server unfortunately.

It seems like the progressive overload protocol has only one elseIF statement, but i could be wrong. From my understanding binary requires two elseIF statements, in order to maintain a perfect loop anytime there are variables. Can someone confirm if this is true please, or if possibly the elseIF statements only accounts for the programming variables and not the players?

I am familiar with binary and, I know a small amount about coding from studying web development over the years, but i have only glanced at unity a few times, and if someone who does know about Unity could fill in the gap, I would appreciate the help, and it would help to clear up any confusion, thank you.

I have a form of functional autism, and it makes it very difficult to organize my thoughts, so if anything i have said does not makes sense please just ask, it would be a big help to me so i don’t have to over explain my point to an irritating degree. I will do my very best, to either better explain anything i have mentioned in a more understandable and detailed manner, or I will correct it myself if I see it later.

I apologize if this is overwhelming to anyone, unfortunately my brain never shuts off, and I completely understand if this was overwhelming or too long winded for anybody to read all the way through.

I hope everyone is doing amazing, and I hope you all have a great week, thank you for your patience and understanding. :blush:


my mission log is full and i disregard all of this and i dont lag (quest 2) but like it might be a network issue for a few people.

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I’ve noticed a more stable connection and less issues on my 5g hotspot.

I have radio internet, if the wind picks up, it’s lag city until i switch😂

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Same, radio internet. Better than nothing, but sometimes it is unbearable to the point of having to turn my game off so I don’t waste other peoples time.

So frustrating.

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I think i remember a dev saying that having tons of missions stockpiled could cause desyncs, or at least make them worse. I think @Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka might know something about it?

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Daynab or Outlander told me having more missions is heavier on the system/takes WAY more resources to load. I forgot the exact wording. Either way I’ve not grabbed a mission since :laughing:

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I feel like that statement is not true anymore. Would love to know if the devs fixed this heavy load effect or if it is still the case?


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