High Latency Spell Non Casting


So I just wanted to touch on a bug I was seeing while raiding last week. It seems when casting spells during a high amount of latency ( lots of activity ), sometimes I will go to cast a spell and press the cast button on my controller only to see the cast line disappear without a fizzle. There seems to be no indication of success or failure.

Perhaps @Riley_D can explain a tad more abut the spell cast system. Is this a latency thing where packets are being dropped (possibly under UDP?), or is it something more client side oriented? Are the spells verified on the client side or the server side when casting? Are there any other abilities that are like this in the game?


Just to chime in:
I’ve had the same “non fizzle” happen several times while leveling my baby runemage in the general highsteppe map area.


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