High Level Sewers Impossible With Mobile

The rat adds that pull the levers to release poison in the Sewer dungeon shouldn’t be effected by mobile. They start moving way too fast, the mages in my party were having a hard time burning them down before they pulled the lever to release the poison on a level 2 Sewer shard. The rats even successfully pulled the lever a couple times but on a low level shard you can heal through the poison damage. All DPS was level 30 and two of the mages were Richleth and Gundrakk which are two of the best mages in my guild. It will be impossible to do that dungeon if it’s mobile on high level shards.

I have been wondering if mobile was effecting the 2nd boss too. If so that would also be game breaking.

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Would that not make the second boss way easier?

Edit: I meant faster

i would imagine it would make the boss harder but take less time.

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Mobile never affects bosses, we’ll get it fixed so it doesn’t affect the Rat pullers as well.

wow, that’s been bugged for a long time then as mobile affected every boss and it’s adds in normal orbus.

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We have made some significant changes to how shard mutations work in Reborn, one of which is that all major mutations and some minor mutations now are not active during boss fights.


A darn would have been fun to deal with the mutations on bosses :sweat_smile:

(The meat of the dungeons are the bosses and when their fight is more static that would make it more boring)

Hmm what about boss specific mutations? Just like higher lvl raids having new mechanics higher lvl shards having new mechanics for the bosses?

Most of the dungeons now have boss tuning for shard dungeons, yeah.

So it’s not just the general “Mobile” mutation, it’s like, “Okay for this boss, the number of orbs that are going to spawn has increased, there is only one power pool not two to stand in, the frequency of the projectile line attack is up”, etc. I think like all 8 bosses have some tuning for shards, and 4 or 5 of them have some significant mechanical changes. We also even experimented with one or two bosses that actually have mechanics that scale up as the shard level scales up (so we’ll see what feedback is like on that).

But we just didn’t want the major mutations interfering with boss fights anymore due to the fact that there are too many unintended consequences.