Highstep Public event becon not showing

I have been out twice in the last two days and found the public event becon in Highstep not showing in the sky.

The first time was yesterday the 6th of April. I was in a party with one other person. I could see the becon but they, standing right next to me could not. It happened this morning again. I was out by myself and heard someone mention the event so I wandered over to find that it had started. There was no becon in the sky for me. I got three shots in on the last wave.

Hi, has this ever happened to you before, or anyone else as far as you know before the patch?

This has definitely happened to me before. Either there is no beam, or the blue beam remains even after the event has been finished for a while.

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I have never had it happen before the patch.

+1 its happened before the patch. Its not a new bug. No idea how or why it happens though.

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Has happened to me. I did not see a beam but I participated in the event. Didnt get rewarded for the event though. Has happened on a few occasions.