Highsteppe has been extremely laggy last 2 days


can’t guide a spell due to the lag…spells appear on the wand during a second attempt to draw it because it looked like the first attempt failed…spells appear to pause mid flight…

saw a couple of redtails teleport back and forth a few times…


Sorry about that, is anyone else experiencing these issues and it’s new to them as well?


I have the same problem, and it seems extremely persistent around the newbie areas (lakeside inn, highsteppe) (I got it for at least the past 2 weeks every single time). Last time I did raid dungeon it was alright but it could just have been different.


I’ve had lag aswell but I can’t pin point where its coming from. at first I had bad fps lag in wenderwood when the defend the realm mobs first appeared but I went back a day or two later and found it wasn’t happening. apart from that instance nothing else has been out the ordinary.


The last few days I’ve experienced lag at the Mage’s trial. Noone else around. Some times it takes a couple of seconds for the server to register a spell and at that point you can kiss 20k goodbye. Figured it was something on my end but saw this thread and thought maybe not.


I’ve been noticing this even while playing as a ranger, I will be shooting arrows at redtails and then it will seem like I missed even though I know I didn’t and then suddenly the game will catch up and I’ll get multiple hits on the redtail and some times hit the speed cap on arrows because of this even though I’m playing as precision, it’s most noticeable on mage though where the spell will stick


Okay, I am rebooting the server today and my guess is that will fix it.


I added a new piece of code in today’s patch that I think should take care of this in the future hopefully by auto-restarting any zone that has been running longer than 48 hours.


Okay guys, we can’t run shards anymore that are longer than 48 hours :frowning:

Also remember to check that no-one is doing a world boss fight before you trigger the automatic restart of that zone. Small change of it happening but still.


Hopefully that new code checks if world boss 3 has been spawned. It would be crappy to spawn the boss only to have the zone reset.


Also any sort of pvp/wilds related anything will suck, losing a bag since he zone restarted, aberation on your head, middle of a fight, etc


It specifically does not activate for Wilds zones or dungeons.


I’m still getting the lag, same as before, did the zone reset?


So I still get this lag in the main game but after playing beta it made me think it was very similar to what is happening on there so I grabbed a quick video of it while I was defending the realm on my alt character.

Not sure if this is related or not to the lag we are having on the beta but figured I would post it in case it helps, would be great to get get this lag fixed on both the current Orbus game and the reborn beta/full release as it’s been happening while now


Is is the spot right at the end you’re talking about where the monster jumps about 10 feet forward? (Just making sure I’m on the same page as what you’re meaning.)


Yeah. Happens on the 1st mob I kill but it’s slightly harder to see, happens at 20 seconds in, there is a double hit on the mob due to the lag and then at the end when I have 2 mobs pulled


Okay…yeah I mean I’m not sure at this point if what you’re showing there is server-side latency or just literally latency to your client. It’s kind of hard to diagnose that type of thing based on just one perspective. If everyone in the whole game sees the mobs all jump forward at the same moment, it’s likely server-side. If it’s just you seeing the mob jump forward, it’s likely just a network packet loss which we really have no control over.

I do know in the current Beta there is some high server load which is (I assume) causing that type of lag to everyone at once, which is what I will be working on. But I just want to be clear that there are always going to be some parts of latency we can’t smooth out perfectly.

(EDIT: After seeing your other video that is definitely server-side lag for sure, thanks!)


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