Hit Delays - Swords


I’m only writing this hit delay post for the sword because that’s what i would usually use (mainly be using.) Ive already watched videos on people swinging their sword and i don’t really like some of the delays (keep in mind i might not be using the correct terms) (ex: when they swing their sword once… it hits. Then they swing their sword rapidly 3 or 4 times and every doesn’t actually count.) I think you guys should probably (and I’m not using in-game hp damage here) make something like a rapid sword swing (7 hits per 3 seconds) count for about half the amount of damage a normal swing would do each time it hits. Again, sorry if it sounds confusing It’s just hard to put into words. Like… each hit would count as a 0.5 damage if it was swing rapidly compared to a normal swing counting as 1 damage. I like to swing multiple times rapidly so i would kinda like every hit to count you know? Ask me if you need help with clarification. Thanks.


the reason people swing quickly is to hit of provoke to heal, swords do little damage as it is in this game so depuffing them further would just be a bit to much hope this helps


The sword has a swing limiter so if you swing too fast it won’t register. I can’t remember what the delay between swings is. Most good warriors can do 3 swings per second (1 provoke) but the best strategy is combo>charge>combo>charge


What would be the best way to level up your sword? If your sword is the highest level then can you still do a lot of damage?


Yeah I guess my suggestion would be to get rid of the swing limit


Ah I understand. The reason the charge mechanic was put in was because so many players were hurting themselves trying to swing as fast as they could to maximize dps. I’m curious if removing the limiter would encourage that style of play again. Maybe the new dps class will have a faster attack style?

Edit: in response to the damage reduction-
All warrior damage is in the wound combo. The combo is based off intellect and not strength. This means the spike damage is not affected by base sword swing damage.
A charged wound = 3 wounds worth of damage and takes roughly a second to charge. With no limiter you could in theory out dps the charge if you tried hard enough


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