HM Citadel Weapons

So, there’s been rumour circulating that the gear that’s going to be dropped on the HM Citadel raid is still undecided. In the post announcing it, I thought it was made clear that it would be +6 armour and +7 legendary weapon. Many people have been looking forward to this and preparing for such. Personally, the motivation is lessened and it feels like a bad idea to alter the decisions that were already made public. There’s been issues with the timing of the HM due to understandable reasons, but it’s always eased the frustration knowing it’ll be worth the wait. I’m not too sure it would be if things have changed regarding drops.


I have heard the same thing and this post shares my concerns.

This raid is going to be the hardest content in the game by far and i don’t see the logic in having better gear drops for shards, which will no doubt be easier to complete than the raids.

Myself and many others have put a LOT of effort into practicing for these raids knowing that the +7 legendary drops are the reward. Taking those away feels like a massive letdown especially after all of the delays to the launch.

I would hope that decisions aren’t being made behind closed doors that directly oppose the public announcements already made to the community.


Really hoping this is just a rumor.


I feel like everyone has to get in here with their opinion so the Devs get a good sense on where the community stands.

I think the entire community was under the impression that +6 armor and +7 weapons were coming from raids and I haven’t heard many complaints except from people who weren’t expecting to be ready with their fellowship to complete the content. In fact I think most of us were pretty excited that there was a new tier that was going to be so difficult to work toward, and is likely the reason so many guilds have been shaping up and completing citadel weekly to get ready to try and reach that achievement. With all of the new content coming out in VR in the next year, I think it would behoove the developers to take this into consideration when their hard mode releases and the community feels like they were mislead. I personally wouldn’t have much drive at all to work toward hard mode clear if there wasn’t any incentive aside from a new pet.

Almost every MMO currently puts the best gear behind the hardest achievements like mythic raiding in WoW or lab runs in Tarkov, it would be a bit silly if the content that so few are able to clear doesn’t offer as much as say a +20 shard where you are guaranteed loot even if it takes you 5 hours to finish.

I trust the developers and put so much hope into this game every day, but it seems like we should certainly speak up if it sounds like there is going to be a mistake that could negatively impact the game we love.

@Mathieu_D if you are seriously considering making raid not the top achievement for gear again, please give us a really good reason, and not that you are catering to the casual player again. Hard mode guild city is still a blast to clear, and the fights are so much more interesting and satisfying to work through, I would hate to see Citadel meet the same fate of being ignored by the bulk of the game’s community because it’s unnecessary to get upgrades.


I really hope they stick to what they have been doing, new best in slot gear going back and forth from raids and shards. So after this +6/+7 gear I would like to see devs start working on upping from T15 shards to T21 shards and hopefully some new shard dungeons to go with it.


I really hope that they don’t back out of making hm drop +6/7. The difference in stats between +5 and +6 gear is marginal and therefore it acts as more of a status symbol and fun thing to collect. the fact that making it only come from a raid would make it very inaccessible and slow to collect is a good thing. If you were to make it come from shards every good player in the game would boot up orbus for like 2 days and instantly max out their gear and turn off the game again.

They wont back out of that, it would make so many people so mad, also there is no reason to play if you cant upgrade your gear

I’ve had my gear maxed out for months but I’m still here. Fun/friends is a reason to play.


“Regarding hard mode, we are planning on giving out +6 armor and weapons, with a chance at a +7 Legendary weapon. There will be other drops too, we’ll talk more about those as we come closer to releasing that version of the raid.”

So I’m not against the idea of raid = +6 armour and shards = +6 weapon. That makes it so both content is needed if you want everything. There’s still a reason to run both.

HOWEVER, it was announced +7 weapons drop from raids and you have to honour your word. If it is true that the devs are considering backtracking after it was said then there needs to be a extremely good reason behind it.

Hopefully this is just a rumour.


Bumping in hopes of a response from the devs

If we don’t get the +6 and +7 at least we might get new lore so…

So just to put the rumors to rest, we are launching the HM Citadel raid with +6 armor and a chance at +7 legendary weapons. As a development team we are constantly reviewing and discussing internally the decisions we make to ensure that we are taking the best paths forward for not only the game but also the community as a whole. This means that there are cases when we discuss decisions internally after decisions have been made public, to ensure we are still taking the best path forward. We do appreciate all the feedback from the community.