Hold me i'm scared

Server-Wide Points: 760560
Server-Wide Progress: [--------------------] 0.01%

Island in no time, everyone!


7,605,600,000 points for island? @Mathieu_D Is this real?

API states: “percentGoal”:“0.01”
Perhaps 1.00 == 100%?
Or is it 100.00 == 100%?
Dunno if they just set the goal super high until they figured out an actual goal~ Or if thats the actual goal and i misinterpreted the API :man_shrugging:

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Dev’s haven’t been very clear about this so far and I think it would be great if the community knew what they actually trying to achieve and if it’s impossible or not :pleading_face:

I don’t know if this is a rounding up of the API, or if it’s a percent to go off of, but there’s something else? Please tell me this is accurate?

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Yeah that’s more like it

At this rate we still wont come close to half the goal though.
And thats assuming we are at 1% right now.

Unless the devs allow us way more points per week from now

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I think we can have up to 4 characters on one profile?
If we can, that’s 8000 points right there
I did the math, if 335 plauyers had four characters that all got 22k points in the event, we’d hit around 29 million points

No. It’s 2 per account which is 4k per player

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This week will be the largest jump in points likely~
We barely hit 1% this week~ And at 18 weeks i really dont think its possible.
We would likely never even hit 25%

Unless they, like i said, bump up the point cap

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If we did this weeks points by 18 we’d get 13.6mil points

We would need 76.2 million points, if this is 1% though. (or something around that)


Jesus Christ
Too bad these devs can do something right

yall devs have been incredibly unclear about this, including ignoring the people who asked multiple times.

do you guys just not know or something, seems like something that should be communicated with us.

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As stated elsewhere this is even very unlikely… judging from the last event, first and second week alot of points come in while the interest of players (and their stocks) decrease from week to week. Only very few managed to contribute every week, until the end of the event, as it still shows in the legacy point rankings.

So right now reaching this goal is impossible and we could as well wait and save our mats once everyone got the personal rewards :neutral_face:

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It’s just gonna be defend the realm all over again

Well there are two slivers of hopes left:

  • no response from a dev yet, so anything can be said/changed?
  • If they made the same percentage system as the achievements then you can ignore the % completely because that system is f’ed up. I was like 1% on treasure chests on an achievement I was certainly a lot further through. Was something like 20%…

So we are hoping for a badly programmed percentage bar?

Yes, or an on purpose physiological curve progress bar. Prob caused by a library xD

Either way, it is common that the total number of points to reach the goal is specified when the challenge starts. The devs know that number and are being vague or they do not which would be odd. 7.6B is a huge number and would take time, this would be fine if the event lasted a long time and if people could make a dent in it each week.

The player-base is not as big as Runescape so I’ll use that as an example.

Runescape uses this server-wide prize system, it takes a week to complete one. There are no limit to how much points an individual can gain in a day.

Orbus has a limit of 2k a week per person. The game also doesn’t specify the server-wide goal so theres no real sense of perspective other than hitting that weekly limit.

G is the potential server goal, L is weekly limit, W is amount of weeks it’d take for one person to reach the goal on their own.

Meaning that it’ll take about 3.8M weeks to hit that goal on your own. Divide 3.8M by the number of people hitting that weekly limit each week and you get the idea.

So, it’ll be a huge grind. Even if 1K players hit the weekly limit each week, that’d be 3.8K weeks.

Please let me know if I’m wrong but that’s crazy

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