Hold me i'm scared

It was hard for some people to get all the points. I do remember the devs doing all they could for the new players who just joined at the end of the event to get them. It is all about keeping the interest in the rewards.

They were basically like *ight this game is more or less dead and we sorta forgot we have about 2 people on a day so we’re gonna prolong it so long you can get all 18k”

It died when they announced reborn for the most part. This is different because there is not a new game taking over after this explore the realm so it should do fine.

I mean, the island will unlock either way even if the goal is not hit (Summer Blog Post). It also said that it’ll last till October, so the goal will be quite big to span 5 months.

That and we’re only like 3 days in or something.

I guess so
We better get that new island cause I’m getting really bored really fast with this game

It will unlock. We just have to wait and see if the devs screwed something up.


But that’s not possible
This game is perfect, remember?

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I made a reply in the main ETR topic thread, but the goal was 150 million at the start of the event, were lowering it to 36 million based upon the amount of participation in the first week of the event and we will also be doing an “un-capped” portion of the event later on to allow more points to be accumulated.


How much points we got now @Zen? Or api link :stuck_out_tongue:

Welp based on the % bar showing 3% which can be rounding down, so lets say max 4%, it is still going to take: 100 / 4 = 25 weeks at this rate, with this being one of the better weeks. Pessimism initiated -_-

Edit: seeing post about the uncapping of points later in the event means it is probably possible but only when the point capping gets removed, which can be literally in the last weeks. So very controlled timeframe area of servergoal.

hay, he said a uncapped portion, I have about 6 decoration chests full of mats burning a hole in my pocket, and seeing as 1000 monster points took about 5 min killing i bet we can get a few million

@Robert will we have odd monster spawns like in the the old defend the realm? Like dungeon bosses in the overworld

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Uncapped portion could (and probably will) have a lower point reward so it really depends on points/hour when it comes to it.

That is if im thinking of it right. Idk if they’d be adding this or removing the limit.

Server-Wide Points: 926240
Server-Wide Progress: [--------------------] 0.03%

So we can confirm that 0.03 is 3% not .03%

At this rate of a goal of 36 mil we still wont make it to even half based of my calculations~
(We appear to be looking at 14 mil at this rate)
But who is to say what happens after the cap removal down the road.

You can see the percentage and points at Elysium’s explore-the-realm channel @Scott

Can you please link eysylums explore the realm server


Here you go! @Goat_P <3

Thanks I found the explore the realm server

You have a point though, the points are being controlled. Kind of takes the fun of the challenge out of it.

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What about points for world bosses? That would encourage community events and all of us working together. Thats what defend/explore the realm is all about!


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