Home 2.0 Dash and Black sky and Home login issue

I’ve noticed that when I pin a window inside Orbus from Home Dash that the sky starts tearing. Anywhere not directly around the sun turns black and flashes randomly. If i unpin the window it returns to normal.
I’ve looked at performance and there seems to be little to no difference in my HMD FPS or anything. I’m running on a rather low end system though: i7 3770 8 gig ram with a RX 470.

Another thing is, I got tired of waiting on Home to release the game so got it on steam. While I dont have to run Steam VR to launch the game, if I dont have steam running I get a perpetual “loading” for my account and am unable to select my character. While it’s not much of a drain, on a min system like mine every bit of ram i can squeeze out is better. Is there a way to log into the game without having steam running as well as Home?

I have a similar problem with my Oculus and Rift 2.0; Also using an RX 470, however it flickers the black sky only when I adjust eye separation on the rift itself (nothing else changes).

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