How active is the game?

Hello everybody,
I am currently thinking about buying the game to get beta access (the servers are online until the middle of December, right?) however id like to know how active the game actually is. Are there a lot of players? Do u have a lot of player interaction? Is there a way to sell stuff? I’d like to try alchemy and would want to sell potions somehow. Does the game have a decent market ecology yet? How’s much content is there to discover? How up-to-date is the wiki? It seems no weapons are listed in the wiki and thus I struggle to decide if it’s even worth investing money cause it seems there isnt a lot of content. This IS a MMORPG so I’d like to focus on improving my character… which seems impossible without any equipment variety. I hope u guys can help me out here. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Players: Enough to make the environment fun to play in a group, but if you play alone, you don’t see another player every 20 seconds. There are somewhat organized things that happen on occasion. I personally have lead a 7-8 player farm/grind group out in the wild for the last couple nights simply by chatting with people while sitting in the main town. So yes, there is a bit of player interaction.

Sales: sort of. Market stalls (from my current knowledge) are bugged, where items such as weapons that people want to sell don’t work. I’m not sure about consumables, however. There isn’t a huge market in the game right now, but I believe that’s simply because after every alpha/beta, there is a wipe, so people don’t feel the appeal to sell right now. You can always trade consumables with players, agreeing on a price per unit.

Content: Depending on your play preference (solo/coop, class), discoverable content varies. A solo runemage I feel has the most to discover simply because of the different spells you’d figure out by exploring.

Wiki: Yes, it’s up to date in my eyes.

Weapons/Gear: There isn’t a whole lot of variety in weapons right now, but this is still in alpha/beta stage. Currently it’s sort of like “Magic wand-Damage 54”, “Sword-Damage 36”, etc. and this all depends on where you are in the storyline/leveling process.
EDIT: There is endgame gear that you can find in high level areas that are astetically different and have higher stats.

You have to realize that this is not a full title yet, nor is this company a triple A title manufacturing powerhouse. Despite the moderately hefty price tag, nearing those of AAA titles, I think it was worth it in the end. These things take time, and content will flow into the game throughout development. I don’t feel like “equipment variety” determines if you can progress your character or not. Mmorpg’s have gotten us used to there being countless “unique” weapons, when in reality, it does the same exact thing, but it’s re-skinned and has different damage values. Kinda like orbus. As you progress into higher level areas, your gear becomes stronger.

Personally, I have had an absolute blast with this game and the social aspect of it all. Being able to just sit around in town talking with runemages and forming a party to go kill monsters and making friends with them, getting together the next day to go challenge harder foes and delve into dungeons, it’s just a blast. By far one of my top VR titles, if not my all time favorite. Best $50 I’ve spent in a long time.

ive met a new person every day to play with. sometimes a group of 2+

You’ll farm crafting mats, go fishing, make lots of pots. you can ask people if they want to buy t from you. there’s no real economy in the game atm I think nobody knows what things are worth so maybe you can start that.

You’ll get similar looking gear but the stats on them change. I’m only at lvl 8 but i have equipped like 3 or 4 different items for each slot that were more and more powerful. you can farm monsters way stronger than you to get some really OP weapons and gear. you can make money by farming mats and selling them to the vendor(wouldn’t recommend it probably).

I’ve made a few trades so there is trading but only for crafted supplies, i think all gear is BOP/soulbound so no trading of gear unfortunately.

there are a lot of zones although not many NPCs to interact with. i assume they offer quests if you follow the story line at all (i haven’t, i just grind).

the game is grindy just like an mmo, and you will get a sense that the more you play the stronger you become relative to others, you really feel like your effort translates to your character progression, you’ll see max lvl players and be like lolwut u got no life, or you must be buff IRL. fighting gets tiring (pretty immersive).

The only drawback for me and unfortunately for my friends who i’ve shown the game to is the graphics. if you NEED great graphics then GG. for me I don’t mind adding a bit of imagination to the experience. if you fight a dragon, you could say “looks bad graphically” or you can appreciate the fact you’re fighting a freaking dragon and at least make pretend you’re threatened.

pretty much you’ll have lots to do at least for a few weeks.

some days i ONLY fish. some days i ONLY farm mats for crafting. some days I follow people and help them out with whatever they’re doing, sometimes i’ll lvl up a different weapon/class on my same character for variety and utility later. sometimes I practice runemage spells. some days i’ll literally just “train” on the target dummy, warrior feels amazing for this… like you really make gains lol. Some days i’ll grind nonstop for lvls. a few times i’ll just go exploring and avoid monsters. they got some really interesting areas. some of the cities really feel awesome and huge. Get in there and just do what you want. I can imagine if you’re a tryhard there may be a lack of content and/or players to play with endgame. but that always changes as people lvl.

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I’ve bum0ed into a lot of people. Beta server is open until the 8th of December with full Early access release on the 16th I think all progress from beta will be wiped.

The game is a lot of fun, I’d say there is 30-40 hours of quest alone. I still haven’t completed them all. There are 3 dungeons in the game with an endgame dungeon coming out in the next 2 weeks. There is a lot to do and people to meet. This is my favorite VR game by far. There is no other game that you could play 12 hours straight and still want to keep playing. Your skill in the game translates into how good you are. Everyone is friendly and willing to help out and the dev team is really awesome. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m also have a merchant stall. It is not broken, no one is really selling anything b/c everything is going to get wiped. Money really doesn’t mean anything at this point since we will lose everything in the next few weeks.


I wouldn’t worry too much about the gear progression. As some of the other replies mention, skill makes a huge difference. Even with the same gear you constantly improve with practice. For example, with the warrior combos it is intially very hard to even remember what each combo is and how to do it. Gradually you build up some muscle memory and it becomes significantly easier/faster.

I’m just a noob lvl 3 warrior so I can’t chain my combos at all. There was a level 20 warrior that was also practicing at a target dummy that did his combos super fast and smooth. Even if we had the same gear/level, he’d do way more damage than me.

Yeah that is called physical and mental experience :wink:

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