How can I get voluspa`s tooth?

I already kill a dragon in the cave.
And Lord rudolf say goodbye to me.
Did I miss something? or need to kill a dragon repetitively?

Once you’ve killed the dragon, then Lord Rudolf should give you the tooth. Does your journal list it as complete? Sometimes the journal doesn’t update, have you tried relogging, maybe it’s done and the journal just doesn’t reflect it yet?

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When I killed the dragon, I remember that a blue mark appeared in the journal, and I went back to Lord Rudolf to finish it.
I thought this was the last thing to give teeth and I skipped all that Rudolph said and did not notice that I did not get tooth.
Lord Rudolf no longer gave me the quest, so I looked through the journal,
No new quests were found.

Do you still have the quest? If Rudolf won’t talk anymore, then you might have to go back to Markos (If I’m remembering the quest line correctly)

I don’t have any quest for Rudolf…
Just have Three trial quest and tooth is 0/1…
I’ll have to go to him as soon as you say.

nothig happen with markos.
he still waiting in cave with blue signal over head.

Have you tried killing the dragon again? I’ve no idea why this won’t complete if you’ve killed Voluspa but Rudolf won’t chat with you.

Perhaps one of the devs could have a look see? @Riley_D @Robert

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