How can we help you riley?

Everyone has suggestions and different minor problems with the game and I think the one thing we all agree on is we wanna see whats next, is there any way we can help you in game or on the forums to decrease the load you are taking on. Its pretty well known that you guys are doing this with a slim team and the community sounds like they would like to help, why not put out some work for us to do so we can all see what the future holds, sooner?


The most important things you all can do to help out the Dev Team right now:

  1. Be nice to each other. The more time we have to spend moderating in-game “drama” or CoC violations, the less time we’re spending getting good work done on the game.

  2. Keep spreading the news about the game. The more people that play the more resources we have to make the game better. If you haven’t left a review on Steam yet, please do so!

  3. Send us your bug reports so we can keep tracking down crash issues and the like.

I mean really if everyone does all 3 of those things then everything will keep running super smooth and we’ll keep making rapid progress on the game like we have been :slight_smile:


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