How do I get different designs for my Equipment?


I wonder all the time already how I can get the unlocked designs.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


When you break a piece of equipment down into a shard, you’re then forever able to transmogrify your equipment to match that style. So, the answer is to get the equipment. If you want your old style back when you upgrade, transmogrify it. You get the better stats but get to choose the look.


So i need to find a Equipment Part that looks like my favourite Style?


Correct. It’s also worth noting that you can only apply a style from equipment with the same class.

It’s also worth mentioning that dyes are an entirely different matter. You can color your clothes (either the “major” part or “accent” part) with dyes you get out in the world or crafted or bought from other players. If you do transmogrify some equipment, the dye applies to the new style as well.


Thank you for the good Answer!

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