How do you find/learn lvl 2 and 3 spells? (also what's this in this picture)

I see that you can find the lvl 1 spells on the wiki. That’s good, but are the lvl 2/3 online?

Can you find lvl 2 and 3 in the game?

I’m suspecting I’ve found a lvl 2 or 3 spell, but I can’t cast it no matter how hard I try so it may just be decoration. Check the image removed for spoilers Is that thing a spell or just decoration? It is above the pushback spell which is a 3.


That is one of the hardest spells imo. It is indeed a pushback lvl 2 or 3 spell. It is the second type of pushback but you draw it in 3D. So that is normally a lvl 3 spell lol.

For other lvl 2 and 3 spells you should be able to find them on pillars just like the one in the Witch cave and as statues (just like your picture). You can find them spread around the world. Not everything will be given to you from the start. :slight_smile:

I would also recommend removing the picture for spoiler purposes. I don’t mind but maybe others.

this one in particular simply eludes me… but on other runes you can find other spells that you can cast ^^

Thanks for the reply. I’ve removed the image link. Can you describe the location of any other lvl 2 or 3 spells? Or at least give me the region of one?

There’s the fireball 2 and Frost 3 spell not too far from the main town (towards the zoo). Probably the most important pillar you’ll rune into in the entire game. Most of the spells you’ll normally use are pretty close to town.

Just going off of the initial map you get, I think you can find Ice Lance, light, fireworks, frost 2, frost 3, fire 2, pushback 1/2, and polymorph. You might have decurse in the area as well. (not to mention all the starter spells in the cave).

I don’t remember all the specific locations for most, but just check out any dark-ish pillar you see. There’s one sneakily hidden in a graveyard, and another that’s trying to hide as part of a stone fence/wall.

Then probably look up how to do the rituals, because you won’t find those for a long time.

I m just gonna say, do not trust the frost 3 “sculpture” if you run into it

Yeah, that sculpture is just wrong. it’s not perpendicular like it shows. it’s more of an angle. so instead of 90 degrees like it shows, it’s more like 130 to 135 degrees. I’m sure someone would be willing to show you.

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