How do you get dram back from the auction chest?

Every time I am outbid I get the message. My dram does not go up, and when I open both my sell/purchased auction house chests I get no dram back.

put an item in the auction chest, it’ll update it, show your dram and allow you to withdraw it


Thanks! That worked. Found 20k in my back pocket :slight_smile:

Edit: Opening the chest should just give you dram rather than retrieving it. Or just directly give it back to the player when outbid. The retrieve process seems unnecessary.

Scott leaves dram in his chest due to dram cap so that option would suck for him, might be others that do it too

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Then it should just remain in the chest if you can’t collect, but I understand then that it couldn’t be abused by intentionally leaving your own inventory with significantly less dram.

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