How is itemization these days?


Haven’t played since open beta many moons ago, I am really looking forward to jumping into Reborn. Question about itemization today VS the beta VS Reborn: Playing the warrior, I remember the beta had one sword you used forever, has that changed? Are there a lot of different melee weapons models now or is it just the sword or the hammer? Are there plans to have a large variety of weapons? How about enchantments or abilities on weapons, are those a thing? Sorry if this is someplace to read about already I couldn’t find one.


Hey there, welcome back to the game! In the current game there are 5-7 weapon models for each class, I’d say? In Reborn we plan on having a variety of them as well as multiple looks for the same models (you’ll essentially find rarer, glowing versions of items occasionally.)


Weapons have stat bonuses (“Intelligence”, “Strength”, etc.) which give you better damage, ability power, or other benefits. The endgame weapons also have abilities (such as “unbending” or “giant killer”), which each have their own benefit that they provide as a passive to you.

Each class has 1 weapon, and that will likely stick that way as the game moves forward into Reborn. The model and the item itself change, but the item types remain the same. Warriors always use swords, Musketeers use guns, Shamans have their shaman masks (in Reborn betas so far), etc.

For more information, I’d recommend checking out the wiki!


Thanks to both of you for the replies. I’ve seen some screenshots of a hammer that has + strength is that a warrior weapon or do they really only every use swords? Are there plans for axes, maces, etc for the warrior later to find? I love the armor and dye I’ve been seeing, very cool! I checked out the wiki, but the weapons section has remain unchanged since Beta, beginner sword, beginner bow, beginner wand, etc. Is this the wrong wiki?


The only hammer-wielding class is the Paladin, which is currently a beta-only class they’re releasing this weekend.

There’s definitely a bunch more. Not sure why the wiki isn’t updated, but things are functionally the same just with more damage and random benefits

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