"how the servers would be with aussie connection"?

I found a post in the Reddits where a couple of people were “holding off” until they find out how the “aussie” connection is. Anybody have any information that I can pass along?

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Playing from New Zealand, ping about 170ms spiking to 300 but rarely.
So far played 16hrs mostly with mage and ranger, have no problems with the ranger, mage spells feels like affected by spikes of latency, but 90% of the time no issues.
As a warrior I have a bit of troubles with blocking, have to block earlier, but it could be me, as I haven’t played it long enough.
Getting from ghosts AOEs reliably.
So far my only concern is about pvp, and if there would be quicker AOEs further in game.
Haven’t tried tunneling yet, no comments on that.

Thank you, I’ll pass that along!

i’m in brisbane and it plays fine. the game appears to honour the client side interpretation of events so latency isn’t that noticeable unless something catastrophic is happening like 900+ms latency because the server is actually shutting down.

the game would be unplayable otherwise. especially the highly reflex based fishing

Also if you wish to test to see what your ping may be like while playing feel free to ping game-direct.orbusvr.com

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Playing from west coast Australia here. Got a single ping spike on a 5Mbps ADSL2 connection of 300ms. Other than that, instancing and latency was comparable to any online game.

As far as the warrior thing goes, a lot of mobs seem to attack before their animation actually shows the attacks. The first time I started fighting the pigmen I got extremely frustrated, thinking I was bugged or something, but their attacks come out as soon as they windup their sword… NOT when they are swinging it.

Yeah, after more playing with warrior I noticed this too. That’s main reason that my warrior least played. As mage my spells get delayed as well, but it’s not as crucial as blocking in time, especially in group. I guess I should wait till melee dps class and forget about tanking with latency.

Oh no, I don’t think it’s a latency thing. AFAIK I have a pretty good connection to the servers, it’s just that the timings are way off in a lot of cases.

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