How to end ALL bugs

Hey devs so I think I know I way you guys can just fix all the bugs in one go, the bugs can really break immersion and things like that so I feel like if we just make it not cannon anymore to the lore we won’t have to worry about it. making a book saying all the bugs weren’t actually real will clear up most of if not all of them. I find it a bit silly you guys added it to the game in the first place but I’m sure now you will make the right decision. I don’t know why we didn’t think of this solution earlier


So you are saying that we should think of any bugs as features of the game and not bugs at all?

Most of us do that already. It dosen’t help. When you have a boss within an inch of their life just to have the tank bug out, makes it hard to laugh and say nice feature.

I think it was a silly post saying if the lore says there’s no bugs, all the bugs will magically disappear. Stone loves the lore and follows it better than anybody lol


Remember just say “No” to bugs. :no_good_man:
They legally can’t affect your gameplay experience without your consent. :thinking:


EVEN BETTER IDEA. If we delete the game, we wont have any bugs… :exploding_head:

Exactly, dude.

It’s like gravity. If you just deny its existence, it doesn’t exist.


instructions unclear, currently cleaning up a broken mug off the ground


The hutton mug? Time to get another one.

For the mug.

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i love that and i want it