How to fall. How to swim


You can’t fall. You can’t swim.
Two things that I would like to do.
It is more real if you fall from a kliff and if you can enter water. :scream:



kliffs are dangerous creatures that act like cliffs to entice people to jump off them, dont trust them


How else am I going to get to the mermaids?

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Where are my minecraft blocks in this game? Why can’t I build a spaceship and fly to other planets? You can dive underwater in some places in this game :thinking: Nothing really grows in this game. It all just pops into existence! Can someone explain why talking to a npc in game gives you a pop-up of text instead of a moving mouth? Why is Tinny so tiny? Did you ever enjoy glitching through one of the mountains and look over the game world from above, which makes you happy and sad at the same time because of the fog :expressionless: But if you can jump of cliffs would you brake your legs? Because you don’t have legs! And can you catch someone jumping? It would be weird because only the head is rotating. Which is also a thing that VR currently misses. You can never truly lay on the ground. You just break your neck instead. We still want boats to sail on, we still want a fish aquarium in our house, we still want to grow your own garden! I am truly happy for all the new players coming into the game because of Christmas which makes the game alive again. Which makes us think that Orbus needs some holidays! After a while you see a pattern of many disappear and a few stay. You see a pattern of the same question over and over, which sometimes gets annoying “WMR?”, “ranger vs mage?”, “uugh airship” or things like “RIP broke red truffle quest”. Main quest was meeh and good at the same time. R.I.P. Oscar, rip all players that went by. You remember that thread calling out all death players :frowning:? You meet new ppl that become your friend. You hang out with them and one day it changes. Either gradually or out of nowhere. Either good or bad. They stop playing or there is build up frustration, real life problems or in game, “lack of things to do” doesn’t matter. But then new ppl show up and the story continues. Fellowships showed up one day, grew like a god and died the next :confused: Or something happened and a big fellowship disappeared overnight. But reborn is coming and ppl are getting back? It looks promising, it looks shit… some ppl see potential others already gave up on liking it, this feels like the game is truly getting Reborn. Because this is how the initial game started, buggy but fun for some, not for others. Remember some bugs stay forever and some will be gone. But the battle of classes will never go. This one is better if you do this. No do this and you will be the best. And now 4 more… ppl are already frustrated about every one of the new classes, the last one still a mystery? But everyone thinks the same, a rogue or monk? Will this get improved, or this? Why are the devs more silent then they used to be? Can’t handle having more ppl probably? Naaa they changed their way of working maybe? Can’t keep more ppl happy so being silent? Or this game is becoming so complicated that the devs can’t even know for sure what they need to decide and decide not to react? Or did they learn from the past that this was not the best way to do the best for the game? maybe it is just me and they are active enough. I feel in the dark sometimes but I know they are doing their job with good intentions. In the end this game for many ppl is all one giant adventure of frustration, fun and to be honest part of people’s lives. It definitely part of mine. I just wanted to lose some thoughts :man_shrugging:


Just wanted to note on this I know I personally am not as active right now between Beta tests, because basically I’m working 60 hour days try to get everything done that needs to be done for Reborn, haha (as is the whole Dev Team). I do read the forums pretty much every day, but taking the time to write up a response all the time to everything going on isn’t always feasible. I do try and respond when I feel like I can settle an issue and save the community from a lot of back and forth, though.


Absolute champion, I personally don’t mind waiting until Q2 for features. Try not to go to hard!


I can’t tell if your joking or not with this the first few point are understandable but what’s this outrageous things about



Confirmed: Riley has his own hyperbolic time chamber that he works in with his team.


Haha, I meant weeks, but fair point.


Yea. I am not good in english becaus I am german and not good in english. :sweat_smile:
I can understand it but speeking and writing is a bit difficulty.


I like how you thing.
It dosen’t go to make a perfekt VR game in one go. And VR is young it has a long way to go.


You now if you does all yet you have noting vor an other time.:joy:

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