How to submit error log reports


Even with the new websockets option, I still get some crashes. Sometimes after crashing, I can just restart the game, but sometimes it seems like it does something strange to the Oculus service itself, because I am unable to get the Oculus Home app to open again (just loads infinitely) until I restart my computer.

Anyway, I have seen a little dialog box popping up after crashes that says that some log files have been created and something to the effect of “It would be great if you could send these to the developer.” I have found the log files. My question is what is the best way to go about actually submitting them, or is something that has less value now?


Hi Ryan,
Here is Riley’s e-mail addy: [email protected]
just send the file as an attachment, zipped up if its large


Also try backing the Nvidia driver back to version 388.59 per recommendation on occlusion support site.


Oculus not occlusion


Oh, I have a Radeon R9 390 if that matters


Oh, no idea. I have an Nvidia card.

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