Hud and display improvments (Quality of life)

Hey, the hud is pretty good all around and feels “made for VR”, but somethings can be frustrating sometimes…

  • Could we please get, a percentage or even better YYYY/XXXX experience points, in the experience bar up top (or at least being able to see that number somewhere, in the stat menu maybe ?)
    Because at some point, the bar seems to be like an immovable object… i suspect that the size of the increments at which the bar is moving are pretty big after a certain level)

  • In the same vein, would be cool to have numbers on health too.

  • In the compass, it took me a while to figure out that the north is a dark grey marker… would be awesome to have it another color (which we can better distinguish from other) or even better, have it like a real compass…

  • On the side of each stats, it would be usefull to know what they exactly do, for example luck 50 = 2.5% more chance to get an epic loot
    Because some stats you can figure out, especially on attack items, but others are just mystery… what is the impact of vitality on a mage ?

  • Better organization in the journal, it s a pain to have to turn fifteen pages before getting to the map… i think someone suggested some tabs…

  • Putting more info on gear icons… because when you got 15 rings, that have exactly the same icon, it’s a pain to put everything away… Maybe a color code, like a simple circle up top, and a number somewhere, maybe in the middle. so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time hovering over every items to figure out what they do…
    Off course we need the same for armor and weapons, to be able to instantly see the armor and attack values at least

  • Having the option to display the names of monsters, for some reason some monsters have their name displayed, like the “guard warg” in lucian plateau, but most of them don’t, and when you are doing a particular quest, it happened to me a few times, to try to kill a monster and forgetting to have a look at what monster it was (because the name is only displayed during combat)


I’ve made a note of the items that were not already being tracked. Thanks for your suggestions!

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