I can't use any main weapon items in my right hand

I’ve only been playing for a couple of days.

I was practicing rune mage yesterday with no problems. But when I logged in today my wand wouldn’t spawn in my right hand.

I thought I was missing a button or something to pull it out of my inventory or something.

I messed about with my character for a while. And eventually thought to move the wand to my left hand. Which worked.

The wand appeared and I could cast spells, but only with my left hand.

I moved the wand back to my right hand and the bug persisted, no wand appeared no matter what I tried.

Frustrated I thought changing classes would fix it.

Tried bard= only left xylophone stick appeared.
Tried paladin= only shield, no sword
Went back to rune mage and now neither left or right hand work.

I can still grab the compass, pickaxe and teleport thing. Anything hanging around my ui that is graspable works, making shaman the only usable class currently.

Decided character was a failure and tried another character. Same bug persisted over characters.

Please can someone fix this or tell me what I’m doing wrong here.

Do you use the tagger gun?

Not sure what that is?

It is a gun you use to tag enemies.

Using it often results in a bug that makes it impossible to use the hand you used (to shoot the tag) for any weapon.

Hi, did the issue persist when restarting the game fully?

Yeah. Quit and fully reloaded.
I’m using a quest 2 if that matters.

Okay, this is definitely a new one for us. We’ll investigate further and see what we can find.
When you reach over your should does your whole hand disappear as well, or do you simply not “find” anything to grab on to?

OK good news and bad news.

Bad news:
I definitely missed that detail in the tutorial, I’m guessing because I started as shaman and they don’t equip weapons like other classes do.

Good news:
I learned how to sheath and unsheath my weapons today. Thank you.

Thanks for the help, and sorry for what turned out to be noob problems.


Hey, no problem - it’s an interesting issue, and you’re correct that Shaman is the only class that doesn’t really act the same way.

For them, if you “unsheathe” it will hide your toolbelt items so that they aren’t in your way while you’re grabbing totems.

I just want to point out that when you open inventory, your character is facing toward you. If you put a weapon next to his/her “right” hand, it really should be the left slot…

It took me a while to figure it out when I first start the game… kept trying to grab the weapon over my shoulder and nothing came out! I didn’t know I was looking at a mirror!

My next question is… is it really a mirrored image? If I see my hair combed one way… does everyone else see it combed the other way??

@Nigel_C glad you are enjoying the game so far.

  1. Always found it pretty intuitive, sorry you had some issues with sorting that out.
  2. You can always come to us (other players) if you are having issues in-game figuring something out. We are usually pretty happy to help.
  3. You are seeing what others see when they look at you (as if the image in front of you actually is another player you are looking at).

when that happends…go to your inventory and place your weapon in the other weapon slot, then put it back in the original. That should fix it.