I love the airship but


I love the airship as a idea.
Its nice to see it pass overhead, it’s cool looking, and a real wow factor.

…But actually riding it really really sucks :frowning:

  • You are babysitted into the middle, not allowed anywhere near the corners where the view is.
  • Its slower then walking, and the waiting is long
  • there is nothing to do and nothing to see

There is really no reason for this! Iv glitch myself to the sides and a amazing view, with no rendering problems!
As a high level ranger you can one-shot enemies as you fly over them!

@Riley_D Give us a proper viewing deck before reborn!


I second this, flying is awesome, but the waiting time is way too long to be worth it, most of the times. A button or whistle to “call” an airship anytime would be great!
And I would also like to sit at the corner to enjoy the view.

Not sure if there will be any flying elements in Reborn apart from dragon racing but I very much hope so and I hope they gonna be improved in comparison to the current airship functionality.


We tried saving the airship many times for many months (since the beginning). The airship is a lost cause by now. (Unless we all sign a petition :thinking:)


make it happen: https://www.change.org/p/riley-save-the-airship?recruiter=917803770&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition


This was something I struggled with for a while trying to get the perfect flight path that wouldn’t cause major motion sickness on the waves of the air (Don’t think I ever got it there perfectly). While there wont be an airship to ride around the overworld in Reborn to get from place to place, there will still be an Airship ride of sorts. Without giving away too much of the lore behind it and the reasons that the airships have been commandeered and are no longer used for just civilian transportation, you will still have an opportunity to ride on one. Although this time you will need to make sure you have your weapons with you to help defend the ride, least you loose all your engines and meet the ground at a faster clip then you would like.

I know its kind of vague information but there will be more when everything is finalized and in game (won’t be in this Beta test but following one), but wanted to at least give you a reply of what information I could.


What happened to the blog post that was supposed to be reviewing the previous beta and letting us know what’s in the next one? Was supposed to be one 2 weeks ago now


Defending an airship while riding it sounds really fun. I wish the airship mechanic worked well enough to be in Reborn because the new art style looks so nice, but I’d rather it not be in instead of a janky mess lol


There will be a blog post coming this week for sure! :slight_smile:


But you did get it there @Robert the only problem is the stupid restriction locking you in the middle of the ship, with no possibility to actually see the view.

When the game allowed you to offset your playspace it was a amazing ride on the side of the ship, but it’s very dull ride in the middle.


its hecking slow too so no point


least you loose all your engines and meet the ground at a faster clip then you would like.

You know, it would be really entertaining to have a dungeon you could only get to by jumping off the airship at the right time and into an otherwise inaccessible cave/sinkhole lol. (just don’t miss)

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