I need a name change

I misspelled my username on accident it is LilBatter right now but its supposed to be LilBattler

Aww I like lilBatter. At least when you get it changed I’ll know it’s you still. :rofl:

you can buy a barbershop token from in odds and ends shop under highsteppe. I think they are like 15k dram

Idk if the devs will let you change it for free

Barber shop token doesn’t change your name.


im like 90 percent sure you can change your name
pretty sure ive done it before

edit: I went to go check, you are right mishka, you went even higher…this time at least

your name so cuite see you in highstep

Hi, welcome to Orbus - I’ve got it changed for you.

thank you and im a lvl 20

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